7 mouth watering turkey recipes

Turkey hunting is a great fun, and people who hunt it derive enough benefits from it. Turkey hunting is a great choice for many people, as it can be hunted in the fall, as well as in the spring. If you like hunting, you can take to the woods, at least, two times in a year hunting your favorite animal turkey. If you like, you can take your kids with you, especially those of them that are teenagers. Turkey hunting is perhaps the best way to introduce how to hunting wild animals to your children. When you hunt turkey with your kids, the impression they will get about it would be forever with them. Even if you do not want to hurt your children, it provides you the opportunity to venture into the wilderness alone. This is good, especially those who are fast paced, and under constant pressure. Taking to turkey hunting can be a great way to relax.

Many people like hunting turkey, especially those who specialize in hunting other animals. To them, it represents pace change from hunting other animals to turkey. It will help to sharpen your hunting skill.

Perhaps the most important reason you must hunt turkey is to get fresh meat to prepare your delicious meals. There is nothing as enjoying as getting fresh turkey and enjoy the meat with other family members. You can catch the turkey next Christmas season and enjoy different turkey recipes with your family and friends.


7 mouth watering turkey recipes

After hunting turkey here are some of the recipes you can prepare with the fresh turkey meat.

1-Turkey Stuffing Recipes

Perhaps turkey meat is one of the best meats you can lay your hands this thanksgiving season. When you get one, you can use it to prepare delicious turkey stuffing recipes. Here is how to go about it:

Here are the ingredients you need to prepare it, they include:

Warm honey

Aromas of sage

Turkey meat


Hot chocolate as well as


Other basic ingredients you need include

½ cup of butter

2 teaspoons of salt


Celery stalks


Garlic Cloves




Black Pepper


Poultry stock

Stale Broken up bread

This is how to prepare it

Melt the butter in a skillet. Add the ingredients to the melted butter excluding bread and stock. Get a pan to cover it, and cook until you cook the onions, it is cooked when it is soft. Add the bread and stock to the cooked item and mix. Your recipe is ready to be served.

2-Smoked Turkey Recipes

Here are some of the basic ingredients you need to prepare smoked turkey recipes.

Hot water

Turkey meat about 14 lbs

Brown sugar

Coarse salt

Bay leaves



Garlic cloves

This is how to prepare the recipe:

Clean the turkey meat. Remove the neck and giblets, because they can be used to prepare other delicious recipes. Get a large pot and add the hot water, brown sugar, as well as salt. Stir the mixture until you are sure that the sugar is well dissolved. Put the turkey in the pot. After remove it from the brine and wash again with cold water. Allow it to dry. Next stage is to make your charcoal fire and allow it to burn for about 15 minutes. Add wood chips to the charcoal fire, add a water pan to it, and add white wine to the pan. Put the turkey meat on the food rack and ensure that its breast is down. Smoke it for 6 to 7 hours. Remove it when it is done and enjoy it with your family.

3-Ground Turkey Meatloaf Recipes

Here are the ingredients needed for the recipes

Ground turkey meat



Onion chopped

Fresh parsley

Ground garlic

Low-fat yogurt

Worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper

How to prepare it

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F

Heat the oil as well

Fry the garlic with onion for 2 minutes

Use mixing bowl and mix ketchup, parsley, and fried onion garlic mixture. Put Worcestershire, salt, and pepper. Ensure that you mix them thoroughly.

Add egg, breadcrumbs, as well as yogurt. Mix well and ensure they are well mixed for 8 minutes.

Take turkey meat to a meatloaf baking pan that is lightly oiled.

Spread for about one hour.

Remove the baked meatloaf and serve it warm with cheese toppings and sauce.

4-Ground Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes


Lean ground turkey meat


Red potatoes



Fresh spinach leaves

Fresh parsley




Olive oil

Salt and pepper

How to prepare

Preheat your oven

Add turkey meat, egg, breadcrumbs, spinach, onion, salt, mustard, and pepper into a bowl.

Mix the entire ingredient thoroughly.

Transfer the mixed items on a baking pan and ensure they are well spread and take a loaf shape.

Put ketchup on the load and bake it for 55 minutes, ensure it is well cooked.

Cook the potatoes and simmer it until it becomes tender.

Remove the water, put the potatoes in a bowl, and allow to cool and mash them in buttermilk.

Add olive oil, remove the baked meatloaf from the oven, and serve it.

5-Classic Turkey Meatloaf


Turkey meat




Dry mustard powder

Dried sage

Dried thyme

Garlic cloves, minced

Black pepper


Worcestershire sauce

Water or milk

How to prepare

Preheat to 350 degrees F

Mix all these ingredients using a big bowl.

Spread them in a loaf and ensure it is baked for one hour.

Serve to your friends and family members.

6-Turkey Meatloaf with Tomato-Spinach Sauce


Ground turkey

Tomatoes (chopped)




Olive oil

Onion (sliced)

Bell pepper (chopped)

Garlic (minced)



Chili powder


Ground black pepper



Clean the couscous in water for about 8 minutes.

Saute the onion in the olive oil for about three minutes. Put chili powder, bell pepper, and garlic. Add the thyme with the tomatoes; allow for 25 minutes simmering.

Spread the tomato sauce on a baking sheet and allow it cool. Go on simmering tomato sauce using a low heat.

Once cooled, mix with the couscous; add the turkey as well as the egg. For seasoning purpose puts salt and pepper ensure that it tastes well and stir these ingredients.

Shape that mixture into a loaf and finally, bake it in that oven. Serve it to your family members.

7-Ground Turkey Chili


Lean ground turkey

Onion (chopped)

Tomato sauce


Kidney beans

Vegetable oil

Garlic powder

Green bell pepper (chopped)

Commercial chili mix

Brown sugar

Tomato purée

Mild cheddars cheese

Cayenne pepper

Salt and pepper


Heat that vegetable oil using a deep-bottomed pan; fry the onion for some minutes. Put the bell pepper, as well as the turkey into the pan. Continue with the cooking until the turkey changes to brown. Add the kidney beans, tomatoes puree, as well as the broth, including the sauce and mix them very well. Put the seasonings into the garlic powder, pepper, and salt, chili mix as well as the brown sugar. Allow it cooks for 90 minutes. Serve to your friends and family.

These are the mouth watering turkey recipes which you can enjoy after hunting turkeys

“Happy Hunting”

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