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Trophy Ridge React One Pro

Are you looking for the best single pin bow sight for your hunting game? The Trophy Ridge React One Pro is the answer to your needs. This highly sophisticated single pin sight bow is just the best recommendation for any hunting game.

Composing of the single pin sight and Trophy Ridge’s react technology, this bow has plenty of features to look out for. Significantly, it increases the accuracy for archery shooting and bow hunting experience.

If you are seeking for the best bow sight, this review will surely help you to pick the Trophy Ridge React One Pro ahead of others.


Trophy Ridge React One Pro Review

Features of Trophy Ridge React One Pro:

 Built For Accuracy:

If we compare the accuracy and the setup of the Trophy Ridge React One Pro, it stands to be far better than most of the bow sights present today. The bow sight comes along with a tool-less adjustment system. This enhances in making targets more accurate and also improves your aim.

However, if you feel that you are shooting the arrows a bit high, you can simply bring the elevation down with the help of the adjustment system. It has readings which allow you to make your mark to improve your aim automatically.



This bow sight comes along with a fiber optic indicator. In general terms, it is a great add on feature to have in any bow sight. It allows you to make the pin visible in almost any kind of hunting environments.

Apart from this, if you are experiencing hunting experience in low light, you won’t have to worry anymore about the accuracy. There’s already a rheostat light present and it allows you to adapt better to the light changing conditions of the environment.


Easy Adjustments:

The one thing that makes the Trophy Ridge React One Pro far better is because of the micro-click windage and the easy elevation adjustments. Both of these features are very clinical if you are opting for a long-range aim. There’s a lock lever present on the outer shell that determines the velocity and also the flight of the arrow.

If you need to change the elevation or the distance, you can easily set loose the lock lever. Now, you can easily turn the crank knob counter-clockwise to move down the sight. This allows you to make an aim for a longer range shot. There’s a four-level knob adjustment system which you can use to make a better adjustment of your sight.


React Technology

There are many bows present by Trophy Ridge, but what makes the React One Pro significant from others is the React technology. It’s basically used to simplify the adjustment settings for range distances. There are different settings for different distances starting from 20 yards, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 yards.

With the help of this feature, you can automatically adjust the remaining yardages which allow you to save your time from opening the knob and setting the strings again. There’s one appropriate knob which you need to turn and then lock in the comfortable distance. Once it’s done, you are good to go.

For information on how to use this React Knob, you can easily watch out some video tutorials which will help you to understand the system better.


Fiber Optic Protection:

Considering the safety standards, the React One Pro is definitely a touch ahead of most of the bow sights. The fiber of the bow is encased in a thick plastic box. This allows the fiber to vibrate while shooting, but, it’s to limited space. So even if you are shooting it hard, you are safe because the fiber is protected.

Also, having the cover means that the fiber gets protection from outside damages to it. Trophy Ridge has done this to ensure that the fiber remains intact and it has the minimum chance of getting cracked. If you are using a cracked fiber, your pin may not receive as much light while comparing to a good and intact fiber.


Sight Tapes:

The one thing that we love about the React one Pro is the presence of the sight tapes along with the bow. There’s a bunch of printed yardage tapes that helps the users in improving accuracy. You can easily mark the pins on the react slider. Though most of the bow sights do have adjustment levers and do not require additional tapes.

The Sight tapes are initially provided to make your mark better and to get well accustomed with the aiming. Though the accuracy of the React One Pro is really great, you won’t require any additional tapes. You can still use them to mark the distance after you calibrate the sight. It’s very easy to use and also less time taking.


Build Quality & Construction:



When we look up to the React One Pro, the first thing that comes to our mind is the amazing design and the equally mesmerizing accuracy of the bow sight. Coming to the specifications, this bow sight has an aluminum design to make it lightweight. This new version is a definite improvement over the original React One Version.

There’s a solid mount that allows the sight to get closer. The solid mount not only helps to make your accuracy better but also helps you to automatically adjust the height and the distance. Overall, there are three different positions that you can use to set the sight.



Comparing the weight of the product, there are a few things that the users need to know. There are many single pin sights available in the market and probably the React One Pro has the highest on the list. Though the body has complete aluminum, it still has a touch heavyweight because of the construction.

But, there are a few things that come along with some extra weight. There are a handful of features which you can use in exchange for this extra weight. Most of the archers like to use a gear which comes in a lightweight, but for gear like the React One Pro, having a little extra weight is just an advantage.



Most of the pins of the React One Pro come with a uniform size of .010 or .019 size. Basically, it depends on the sharpness of the pins and also the weight. Naturally, if you consider the 0.010 pins have a better accuracy while the other one has better speed. But it all depends on how big the target is.

Both the pins are bright and also crisp at the same time. The adjustable rheostat light also allows you to get extra illumination. The actual fiber seems to be protected while you are shooting.


Installation of bow sight:

The Installation of the React One Pro is another reason why most of the people opt to choose the bow sight. There are a few steps which you need to follow for proper installation. Every bow sight comes with an instruction manual but if you still need any additional help, this guide will help you.

Step 1:

The pin bow sight comes in a one piece but with different knobs. So you can easily attach the bow sight to the bow. There are clips to hold the fiber at the exact place.

Step 2:

There’s a crank knob which has three different settings. You can adjust the knob to move the sight from a range of distance to others.

Step 3:

There’s a four-knob adjustment that allows you to easily adjust the sight as per your requirement. This comes with the Dovetail version.

Step 4:

Once you set up the fiber and the arch in place, you need to turn the lock knob to fix the aim. Once you are done, you are ready to go!


What we like & Our Concerns:


What we like:

  • Has a handful of features
  • Rheostat light for low light visibility
  • Compact and aluminum body
  • Protection for fiber string


Our Concerns:

  • Heavier in weight
  • Mounting screws may set loose


Alternatives of Trophy Ridge React One Pro:


  1. Truglo Range Rover



  • Comes with an adjustable Slider Sight
  • Has Micro-adjust Windage
  • It has 11 brightness settings for low light visibility
  • The bow sight has yardage tapes for marking


  1. HHA OL-5519 Optimize



  • It comes with Tool-free Adjustments
  • The fiber length is 5 ft
  • The fiber optics are fully protected
  • It has a Green sight ring for better vision
  • The bow sight includes .019 pins


  1. Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg



  • Completely light in weight for better handling
  • The control system is bigger
  • The design is sleeker than most of the bow sights
  • The price range is lower than most of the bow sights



The Trophy Ridge React One Pro is a complete all-rounder comparing the bow sights present today. There may be so many bow sights available and most of them feel to be light in weight. But there’s no bow sight available which comes with such accuracy. The aims are absolutely perfect and it makes the React One Pro be the best choice for any hunter.


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