What Does a Bow Stabilizer Do?

What Does a Bow Stabilizer Do

When it comes to archery, stability and accuracy are the two factors that significantly influence your performance. And hitting your target right on the point requires a good amount of skill, let alone the right equipment that will put you in the best position to shoot accurately. Whether you are a veteran or a tyro, … Read more

How to Cock a Crossbow, Explained In Detail

How to Cock a Crossbow

Crossbows are excellent weapons at short ranges as they are lethal, but you might struggle to hit the target at long degrees. That said, if you are more into traditional hunting, crossbows are just the perfect solution for you. They are compact, beginner-friendly, and straightforward to use. Not to mention lightweight as well. This mighty … Read more

How to Draw a Bow Properly? (Beginners Guide)

How to Draw a Bow

Would you like to hear something weird? During the Middle Ages, an adroit long-bowman could deliver between 10 to 12 arrows each minute. That is an arrow every five to six seconds! Now that’s definitely an insane skill. What’s more, these archers were good at drawing bows. However, though you’ll need a good aim and … Read more

Best Bow Release 2022 | Reviews By Expert

best archery releases reviews 1

When it comes to modern archery, a typical shooter will have many more accessories and shooting aids than archers of Ancient time. Such accessories can include a targeting scope, an armguard, and bow release. Of all of the items an archer has at his or her disposal, however, the most important when it comes to … Read more