Muzzy Trocar HB | Reviews By Expert

Key Features:

  • Hybrid broadhead with 4 blades
  • 3 broadheads in a single pack
  • Chisel steel tip which is can literally crush bones
  • Cutting surface 2-5/8″ after impact.
  • it is made of 0.035″ solid steel which is sharp and stainless
  • Very accurate and  Durable.
  • Made in USA.


Hey, are you thinking to buy muzzy trocar to make your hunt easier?

I know there are lots of options available in the market, so people usually get confused that what broadhead will be right for them.

As you are here you, there is something that you are not sure about this muzzy broadhead.

There is nothing to worry about I am going to help you in this matter just read this muzzy trocar hb review until end

I ensure you will get answers to all your confusions and if not then you can comment your question box I will love to help you.

Muzzy trocar expandable reviews: (Detailed review of HB broadheads by muzzy)

I just love the concept of hybrid Brodhead, but this isn’t any blind love, broad hybrid heads have the quality of both fixed and mechanical because it was made by adopting best features from each.

As we know, it is the most efficient type of Brodhead now the question is which company manufactures the best hybrid broadheads.

And the answer is muzzy, Hunters, usually says “Muzzy gets the bone.”

Muzzy trocar hd is one of the finest hybrid broadheads which comes with 4 blades (Like all hybrid broadheads) it is specially designed for tackling in big games.

When you look at this broadhead trust me, you are going fell in love with its built quality Design is somehow derived from its sister company rage.

It requires neither O-ring nor rubber band, and blades are very sharp.

This hard-hitting broadhead comes with 1” fixed –blade with  100grains which makes it deadly for any hunt. As it is a hybrid bow, it comes with 1-5/8” blade which deploys when comes in contact which gives huge 5/8” diameter cutting surface.

This broadhead  is built with one piece ferrule steel

The tip is made up of solid steel as well which is known for its bone-crushing power.

It won’t be wrong if I say Muzzy hb is one of strongest sharpest and most reliable broadhead made.

Flight of muzzy trocar hb is really smooth which really impressed me.

And when its come to accuracy I think probably every hunter can say you that muzzy is quite famous for accurate performance of its broadheads. It always hit its target even in long ranges.

Now let’s talk about how it is going to treat your target and what kind of penetration you will get from it.

muzzy trocar hb wounds can be quite deadly,  Deep penetration pe easily is achieved with the help of this broadhead,

most of my fellow hunters have shared me that penetration depth goes upto 7 inches which call kill any mammoth animal.


As I have said its build quality is really awesome which makes it long lasting, When it comes to durability it can last like forever.

Do you know what’s the best part of this broadhead?

Its price, It comes with 3 in the pack, you are getting so much value for the money you are investing in this bow.

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