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If you are an enthusiastic angler or someone that is so much into fishing, this Best compound bow is one of the tool you would definitely like to have as part of your fishing gizmos. The guess is that you have probably not come across it before; and if you have, you probably wouldn’t know enough about it as much as we are about to reveal to you now.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow is the second generation in the edge series with a few fascinating improved features of the first model. it is versatile for all kinds of hunting activities, be it aim shooting, bowhunting or bowfishing. It is such an amazing bow and it is a renowned bow for archers of all sizes and experience levels. Its simplicity has provided novice and professional shooters with a highly adaptable and suitable bow. The Diamond Infinite Edge pro compound bow own its long-lasting characteristics to the pure fact that your granddaughter and your 8-year-old son will also use it when they grow up if properly maintained. Incredible!

In addition to all these is another improvement that can be seen on the level of adjustability of the bow. This bow grows along with you in response to development you gain in strength and techniques. Instead of buying a new bow annually as your strength or technique improves, this bow will grow right along with you. This improved feature makes it a perfect choice for all archers who are just developing in the archery industry and would definitely be a good pick for you too. The Infinite Edge Pro Package has vast collections of useful items that will leave you with great shooting experience.

Below is an explicit quick review on the features that make it spectacular in the market of hunting bows;

Key Features:


the solid riser on the Infinite Edge Pro Bow is produced from a solid piece of aluminum which is available in 3 colors; the solid black, the mossy oak camo and the pink camo. The riser which is fairly small in size has a small frame joined together with is an external design which contributes to its light weight of 3.2 pounds in total. This improvement on the riser cannot be disconnected from the fact that when riser gets too heavy, it becomes uneasy to hold especially for children, youths and ladies. Its lightweight improved feature basically makes it ideal for kids you can als0 check out Best youth compound bow Reviews


Just like the riser, the grip on the bow is a feature that is incredibly incomparable in function. Grips are square shaped feature below the top and can pose a little uneasiness to shoot but are simply designed to hold both hands of shooters of all sizes; both young children and adults.

Although this grip leans toward a square and sometimes pose as a distraction, it is a designed feature which can be moved in bow selling shops if you find it uncomfortable. It might not be seen as a necessity by most archers as it is just an improved feature which might give you a better shooting experience.


Cam System

This efficient cam system is one of the clear distinguishing features that differentiate the improved diamond infinite edge pro bow from its predecessor. It is one area where the manufacturers of the bow took in-depth research on how they could improve the bow.

This feature ascertains the fact that the bow is not mainly for kids and it can be used by anyone for a very long period of time. It is often recorded in past that as youth develops they tend to outgrow their bow leaving them with the option of acquiring a new one annually. With the adjustment feature, you only need to purchase a single bow and use if for many years.

The manufacturers added an extra inch to the draw length adjustment. Having the adjustable draw length is a fascinating feature most especially for developing archers, by adjusting the modules on the cams you can change the draw length from 13 to 31.

In addition to the cam system feature is the ‘Infinity/Bowfishing’ setting. It allows bow owners to operate with zero let off and also allow many people with different draw length to be able to share a single bow without making another different setting.


Talking of an incomparable differentiating solid construction, which has been identified as one of the selling points on this bow. Edge Pro offers it users an improvement on the limb, while many compound bows are still limited to having limb bolts that offer a range of draw weights.

The Infinite Edge Pro Bow takes it to another level. It got improved and becomes unique by making the limb bolts on the bow adjustable from a dainty 5 pounds, to an elk slaying 70 pounds of draw weight.

You would agree that archery is a sporting activity that is hard on shoulders and many archers tend to develop pain on the joint. Having this efficient new adjustable draw weight on the limb of your bow could allow professional archer who is having pains to also participate without fear in every hunting season. This way old archer can still maximize their fun watching arrows fly, without fear of wear and tear to the joints.

On the other hand, the adjustability demands more shooting responsibility. Moving your bow components around can be superb but it has to be done correctly. For instance, when adjusting the limb bolts, it is of necessity that they remain equally tightened on both limbs before switching each bolt to undergo one complete turn at a time.

This major improvement provides users with numerous advantages, it has been the perfect pick for growing young children over the years as they get to develop new techniques with their bow. It is an excellent option for developing new archers who are yet to develop their back muscle, it allows them to practice conveniently while they establish themselves in archery. Another set of archers that are benefitting from this improved feature are professional archers who are having shoulder difficulties or recovering from shoulder surgery, it allows them to participate and enjoy their passion in hunting without fear of tears to the joint.


Edge Pro has been keeping up to its popularity from having many enthralling features. When it comes to styling, the Infinite Edge Pro is top-notch in this field. It is available in three colors; the black, the mossy oak and the pink camo color.

In addition to these cool colors is a design of a diamond logo on the limbs which is made from suitable long-lasting materials. All diamond infinite edge pro bow are always classy and very much worth their price.


Talking of major improvements that hit the world of Diamond infinite edge pro bow, this is one area that keeps archers leaving a positive feedback after their first try out with this new bow and you will be impressed to do the same too after purchasing one. Infinite Edge ProBow undoubtedly is a very good shooting bow with a shooting speed of 310 fps based on the IBO speed rating, owing to its 70 lbs, 30″ draw length, and 350-grain arrows.

This is the bow that gets the job done quickly for novice and pro archers. It is fast and will not extra-strain your compound.  It is advisable not to go with lighter arrows to increase speed but you could, of course, have a try-out with it if you would like to, it is all nice.

Diamond infinite edge pro bow truly made a visible good improvement in this second generation of Edge. One of these changes is a new cam design which allows you to let-off to 80%. An 80% let-off implies the shooter will be holding less weight which can make aiming easier. This will really make a big difference and land you a fantastic experience while shooting.

In addition to all these is the smooth draw that will help kids and novice have good first shooting experience. Diamond also included a solid back wall which improves stability and increases accuracy.

To enjoy your shooting experience with this bow, 5 grains per pound of draw weight arrow is highly recommendable. You could try a lesser draw weight than the recommended weight for arrows but don’t go above the recommended range. wanna grab finest arrow? check out our guide on Best Hunting arrows for better hunting experience.

Noise Level

Diamond edge Pro has a reputation for being pretty silent. It uses a 5″ ultra-lite Octane Stabilizer that takes most of the vibrations during the shooting process. It keeps you at an advantage especially if you want to go hunting.

The Infinite Edge Pro is quiet with no additional noise but it could use a few dampening accessories such as silencers. A string silencer is recommendable to be used for someone seeking to hunt.

Deadlock Lite Octane quiver/ Hostage XL Arrow Rest:

In addition to these is the DeadLock Lite Octane quiver, it is a 5 arrows capacity good add on which can be mounted on your bow. It can be easily detached and so easy to use for beginners.

The Hostage XL Arrow Rest is another add on for the beginners. It has a nice simple design and it is durable with no mechanical parts. The accessory is an effective arrow rest. You can also try a Whisker Biscuit or a drop-away rest, they are said to be a good alternative also for the Hostage XL arrow rest. for your here here are Best arrow rest in 2022


On the other hand, the hand shock is an added feature on Edge pro that allows you to shoot absolutely accurate without the slightest hint of shooting. The parallel positioning of the solid limbs ensures that you don’t feel a bit of recoil or anything. Certainly one of the reasons it’s preferred by children, ladies and developing archers.

The 3-Pin Tundra Sight

This feature in conjunction with the Tube Peep Sight is solely responsible for making aiming extremely facile during shooting. This sight light makes hunting easy if you are planning to hunt at dusk.

On the tube peep sight is a mounting hole for a sight light such as a torch. The fiber optic lines of the Tundra Sight are a bit short so you might find it difficult to use in dim light conditions. The sight light such as torch can be purchased separately and fixed in case you want to add it.

For a novice who is just practicing archery for the first time, the five pin tundra sight would have been better or even a tool with longer fiber optic lines. All you need is to be able to sight your bow sight by following the arrows.


How To Sight In A Compound Bow.

Sometimes Customer’s complaints about a loose peep, it clearly indicates that they don’t know much about fixing this fascinating accessory called peep.

Peep is a feature for sighting that can be mounted on the Infinite Edge Pro bow. As stated above, the peep sight is an additional add-on. It does not come installed with the Edge Pro bow. It is an important accessory that needs to be adjusted to the individual shooter hunting style for excellent results

Professional hunters with basic past knowledge can definitely handle it in on their own. But if you are a beginner, we strongly recommend that you patronize a professional shop so it can be perfectly fixed up for you.

Quick Guide On How To Choose The Right Arrow For Your Diamond Edge Pro Bow

Included in the package is the BCY String Loop (D-Loop) and a Comfort Wrist Sling which can be used to draw or hold the string through a release aid. Almost every archer uses one and it has to be purchased separately. The wrist sling also functions by securing your model onto your wrist so that it won’t drop down after shooting the arrow.

First method of choosing the right arrow is by putting the BCY Loop to the area where the nock is on the bowstring. After a mechanical release, you will definitely have a faster release and less force put on the string from your fingers.

The second method is by using the Infinity Setting on the Infinite Edge Pro. Attach the string to post ‘A’ and the cam in the infinite setting. It often results in a faster model with no to little let-off which makes it a bit difficult to shoot especially for beginners.

The third method is not recommendable; it is done by increasing the speed so as to increase the draw-length.

Pricing Module

In response to making decisions as to which model will certainly cater for your needs and your wallet best. Edge Pro is known to be affordable and easy to source around.

You can purchase a high quality long lasting intermediate level mode Edge Pro bow that will keep adjusting because of its wide adjustability along with you and your kids for years at a pricing plan of an estimate of $350.

Undoubtedly there are more cheaper ones in the market such as; SAS Rage or the Leader Accessories Hunting at 50-70 let off, and also more financially huge ones like the Apollo Tactical or the Bear Archery Cruzer.

If you are truly on a quest for a breath taking quality model with good features that will work excellently from the start for you, which implies you won’t have to keep looking around again searching for better ones to hunt with annually, the Infinite Edge Pro is a very nice option to take into consideration.


How to care for your Diamond infinite edge pro compound bow

Don’t ever forget your bow inside a hot car or in a damp area. Extreme temperatures and moisture can warp the limbs and damage them permanently.

Never ever put a compound onto one of its limbs without removing after use this could warp them as well. You can hang it onto a bow rack instead.

Ensure the waxing of your string regularly. Waxing does not take much time but it will definitely help to sustain the life of your string and make it durable.

Often check your arrows after hitting hard objects to prevent more damage they can do to you or your bow when shooting with them again.

Check your model before shooting regularly, loosed or broken parts can hurt you badly and leave a scar on you if not recognized in time.

Get a case for your bow and an arrow tube to keep your arrows when going on a long distance.

What we like:

  • It has an adjustable draw wright
  • It is available in 3 Colors
  • It is manufactured in USA and can be made available at your doorstep for an affordable shipping rate
  • It is long lasting usually with a lifetime warranty
  • Included in the package is a beginner friendly manual to put you through first time try out difficulty
  • It is a perfect pick for novice and professional archers
  • It has an adjustable draw length

Our Concerns:

  • It might require that you add string silencers to reduce noise level when hunting
  • It has a square grip which may seem uncomfortable for your hunting technique
  • Accessories such as Tundra and arrow rest cannot be improved



  1. Can Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow be used for Hunting?

Yes, it is important for all hunters to know that kinetic energy is one of the factor for hunting. With a setting of 70 lbs, 30″ draw length and 350 grain arrows, according to the IBO Speed rating specifications, it gives a result of 310 fps. The Infinite Edge Pro has a Kinetic Energy (KE) of 74.7, this is an enough kinetic energy to win any hunting contest or hit a target.

  1. Is Bowfishing possible with The Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow?

Yes, you can use it for bowfishing.  The Infinity Setting makes this compound Bow excellent for this activity as it results in a zero let-off. It will sustain most of its highest holding weight for the whole draw-circle, which is necessary for shooting very fast in bowfishing.

  1. Can I get a cheap Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow?

Yes, you can. A diamond edge compound pro bow cost very little even with all its excellent features and will be made available to your doorstep in fa ew days after placing your order.

  1. Can I get other colors apart from the three colors?

No, infinite edge compound bow is only available in three colors the black, the mossy oak and the pink camo color.



Undoubtedly diamond bow is one of the most well suitable bows in the market of bow business. The versatility of the Infinite Edge Pro is breath taking and it has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt that it does not matter if you buy it for your growing son, your wife even for your 75-year-old hunting Dad. More reason it is often advertised as a kid and ladies bow because of the ease of use.

With an improvement to the draw length from 13 to 31 inches and an adjustable draw weight from 5 to 70 pounds, the pricing plan is quite affordable. There are compounds that shoot arrows with 370 fps, but for this same entry level compound bow, they cost a lot more fortune than the Infinite Edge Pro.

It draws fine, it’s forgiving and at the same time very accurate when hitting your target. The speed is just superb and incomparable to other compounds in the same range. This is a perfect pick for all archers especially if you are new to hunting.

The Infinity setting on the Infinite Edge Pro is best suited for important activities such as trainings and contests that many people can shoot it without wasting unnecessary time while setting it up.

Are you an experienced bowhunter or bow fisher? the Infinite Edge Pro which is also known as the true multi-shooter which would serve you well because of its extreme improved features and affordability. Order for yours, pick an arrow and shoot. Hand it over to your next of kin.

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