Best Scopes For .308 Rifles 2021 | Reviews And Buyers Guide

I know that everyone is familiar that riflescopes are meant to magnify your visibility while aiming at distant targets. A good scope ensures you shoot at the estimated point with accuracy and much ease.

But It is important that you familiarize yourself with the many different varieties of rifle scopes because not having an idea about the scopes can make shooting very difficult. And if you are with .308 rifle then you must need a scope which supports it.

The shooting you want to make will determine the type of scope you choose. A deer hunter and a target shooter, for example, will require different kinds of scopes.


Choosing the best scopes for .308 rifles in 2021

Acquiring a good .308 rifle is meaningless if you do not factor in the aspect of compatibility i.e. accompany it with a matching scope. The market provides a wide range of rifles and other shooting equipment, and this can be quite confusing when it comes to what scope to choose for these items.

The website can also offer shallow information which will not give you what you need regarding choosing the best scope for your .308 rifles. The following information will give you and all the shooting enthusiasts out there the factors to consider before purchasing the perfect scope for .308 rifles.

  • Capability and Clarity at a Distance

.308 rifles are meant for long distance shooting, and therefore a scope that caters more than 500 yards should be considered. A scope below that range would not be able to serve a long distance from the rifle. Clarity determines the quality of the scope, and this should be properly scrutinized by the buyer. You should look for a scope that will give you perfect sharpness and crispness on your target images. These will improve the performance and dependability of your scope.


  • Durability

Scopes are usually exposed to harsh and tight circumstances of fog, scratches, shock, water, and sunlight. It is therefore important that you pay attention to the material that the scope is made of to ensure it can withstand these abuses and reasonable use and thus guarantee you the durability of the scope.


  • Ease of Use

The dials of the scope should be easy to adjust and read, the reticule should be transparent, and the objective lens should have a wider diameter to enable a large field of view. All these factors will enable the shooter concentrate on shooting and avoid unnecessary disturbances.


  • Price of .308 Riflescope

There is a common belief that the higher the price of an item, the higher the quality of the item. This is however not true and does not apply to all items. Scopes, for example, do not follow this rule. You can find scopes worth $50 or less meant for

  • Versatility of Scope

Long distant targets call for a scope that will give you focus on animals that are 400 or more yards away. Wood, thick brush areas, and even plains offer great hunting adventures, and the wild animals here can be wild, fast and very intelligent. You need a scope that enables you to keep up with the tough but fun hunting conditions out there. This is ideal for varmint hunting calibers.


  • High powered optics

The magnification range is critical when it comes to choosing the best scope for your .308 rifle. To hit your target image at a range beyond 400 yards, you must have an excellent optic. Go for rifle scope with very high magnification that ranges from 4-16X,5-20X,5.5-22X OR 6-24X.


  • Great glass quality

When it comes to .308 rifles, quality cannot be overstated. Long range game requires a quality glass that you can test by getting your eyes on the scope. The immediate observation will let you know the quality of the glass. If it is not possible to see images through it, I would advise you to consider another set of a brand that gives out that perfect, exceptional glass quality.


  • Illumination

.308 rifles usually have very fine cross hairs. These are meant to improve accuracy and for precision to enable the shooter to see vital zones situates on far away target. The rifle scope should, therefore, have an illumination control setting not just for low light use but to help the shooter see his crosshairs no matter the long distance from the target. This will enable him to get a clear image of the target and avoid distortions. When purchasing a scope for your .308 rifle, ensure the illumination settings are of high quality.


 Below are the reviews of best .308 riflescope 2021.

Are you looking for the best scope for your .308 rifle, well look no further? The following are the top options that you should consider

  1. Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4- 16 42 Riflescope

It is one of the best scopes on the market, and most gun users are impressed with its unique features and benefits that come with it. this scope has XD lens elements and it is waterproof as well. It has Customized dot design reticule. It has protective sunshade and lens. it has Adjustable parallax side knobs as well. Instant reticule focusing with high magnification of 4 16x makes it one of the finest .308 riflescope.


water resistant

fast focus eyepiece

very affordable


Loose clicks

No eye relief from high power


  1. Leopold VX 23-9 40 mm Rifle Scope




110797 Duplex Reticule

Medium magnification of 3x-16x

1-inch tube diameter

Revolutionary quantum optical system

Weighs 2.7 pounds


very clear

has the power indicator

light setting options

shock resistance


Has no protection rubber ring

Dials usually freeze

Has two pieces tube construction


  1. Nikon Buck masters

This riflescope is as a result of merging of two companies; Nikon and Buck masters.



Has O ring sealing

Has nitrogen filling

Has BDC reticule trajectory system

Have multicoated reflective lenses

Come with tactical turrets


Instant focus

large magnification

water resistant


No illuminated reticule

Poor zooming ability

No eye relief



  1. Nikon M -308 4-16 42 mm Riflescope

The M 308 is a perfect choice for the long-distance shooters and hunters. It has features that will give you an easy deer hunting skills even for the wisest and fastest deer. Its high magnification power gives the shooter a clear target focus while avoiding distortions. Its ability to resist harsh conditions makes it very durable.




High magnification range

Knobs are easy to click

Oversized lens

Comes with tactical turrets

Quick focus eyepiece

Optical system is coated

Has a clear optics BDC Reticule


water resistance

large magnification

shock resistance

fog proof


Zoom requires improved ergonomics

Absence of illuminated reticule

Parallax can still be improved


  1. Leopold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1

This scope is identified by the mark AR Mod 1 P 5 and the main tube,1 inch long.



I inch the main Tube


Maximum magnification of 8.60X

Has anodized aluminum in its housing

Multicolored scope to improve image quality

Has 2nd generation waterproof argon


Reduces glare

perfect ballistic

multicoated nature

52 MOA elevation


Reticule is thick for accurate shooting

No revolution counter

Elevation turret can be better


  1. Crossfire 11 6- 18 x44 mm AO Riflescope

This scope is built to have better performing standards compared to other scopes within the same class. It was first designed by Crossfire and engineered by Saco Defense in the late 1990’s and has since showcased a very high demand in the marketplace from both target shooters and hunters. It brings you closer to the image target. It is brighter, tougher and its clarity is up to perfection.



Multi-coated lenses

Nitrogen purged tube for fog proof

Aluminum anodized aircraft construction

O sealed rings for waterproofing

Customized hashmark design


water resistant

very handy

very affordable

sharp clarity


Misleading directional markings

No eye relief

Zooming can still be improved



The winning brand in the above product reviews is undoubtedly the Nikon M-308.It has all the important features that both the target shooter and the deer hunter need. Whatever the shooting style you choose or the purpose of choosing, the Nikon M 308 4 16 44 mm Riflescope comes with great compatibility.


The Leopold 115390 gives it stiff competition, but the Nikon M 308’S ability to work with different rifles gives it the competitive advantage.

Moreover, its great features rank it the top .308 scope among a thousand other scopes offered in the marketplace today. Investing in the Nikon M 308 is an investment that you should consider because it will serve you for many years to come while giving you the best shooting and hunting adventures throughout your lifetime.





















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