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best m1a scope mount 2021 As we know M1A is a tactical rifle that is designed to handle absolutely anything you throw at it, from military tactics to big game hunting.

But any rifle is only as good as its user and a scope can help you in becoming good shooter because provides you with the more precise aim to always hit your target.

If you already have the m1a rifle and you have the scope, or even if you’re still looking for the scope, you need a way to affix it to the rifle, securely. That requires you to have the best m1a scope mount that will keep your scope nice and tight.

No one wants to miss their target when it comes to range, and with the right scope and scope mount,  you’re not going to need to worry about missing that shot.


Below are the reviews of best M1A scope mount available in the market 2021 (Top M1a scope mount)

Sadlak Industries M14/M1A Airborne Scope Mount

Sadlak Industries M14-M1A Airborne Scope Mount

The Sadlak Industries Airborne Scope Mount is made with something called chrome-moly steel, which is designed more durable and heavier duty than the aluminum of the other options we looked at. What it really means is you’re getting a little bit of each of the features. You’ll get something more durable and heavy than aluminum, but not quite so heavy as a full steel unit.

If you’re looking to balance durable with the weight that’s the way to do it, don’t you think? It has a 5-degree case deflector angle which is milled under the rail and has 3 points of contact with the rifle.

Those points of contact mean that it’s not going to wiggle or wobble at all while you’re walking, which is important because when you go to take the shot you don’t want to find that your scope has moved on you. When you tighten down all of the points of contact you’ll find that it’s as solid as you can get, which is definitely going to improve the way that you shoot.

The Picatinny rail is designed to hold just about any rings and there’s a see-thru channel that lets you still use the original sights that came on your rifle. Because it’s a Picatinny rail you’ll also be able to use any Weaver rail systems that you want because they are generally compatible. This makes it easy to choose different scopes and increase your variety.

Made lighter than even other steel mounts, this m1a scope mount installs easily and even easier if you use the YouTube video to help. Made by a company that’s well known for their high-quality products, especially for the M1A, it retains zero for an extended time while you’re hunting or even if you put it away and don’t use it for a while. This is great for those who want to be able to pick up and go without the hassle of trying to reset their scope every time they head out.

Removing the mount is easy enough, but it is not designed as a quick detach and therefore does not retain zero once it has been removed and reinstalled. It has a very stable fit and platform for higher quality. What do you think of getting a unit that’s a little harder and more durable but still not too heavy?

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Sadlak Industries M14 Aluminum Scope Mount

SADLAK M14 Aluminum Scope Mount

Not everyone likes the idea of aluminum over steel when it comes to an amount, but the Sadlak Industries Scope Mount one is made by a company that produces both of those options (plus titanium options). This aluminum version is made with all of the same specifications and gives you a lightweight and moderately priced alternative to a higher priced item.

The company actually comes right out and tells you it’s not as durable as the stronger metal versions, and it’s not going to hold up to everything that they will, but it is designed for most uses. If you use it for hunting or for less demanding needs, the company says that it’s going to be more than enough, and we definitely agree.

The system on this unit is a Picatinny rail, which is one of the more popular rail systems that you’ll find on any scope. What’s great is that Weaver rails are generally interchangeable with Picatinny systems as well, which means you can use either option when it comes down to it. This opens up your available scope options without you having to swap out the mount itself in order to get there.

Even better, you’ll get everything you need to install the unit, so all you have to do is open the packaging, set the one piece system into place and screw it down with the included hardware. There’s even Loctite include so you can make sure the fit you get is going to hold. If there’s any problems you don’t have to worry because there are instructions included and you can check out one of several YouTube videos to get an even better look at just what it takes to put together (some people are more visual learners).

Made with a three-point design, it allows you to get a stable fit and a tight lockdown so when you get it installed you know that it’s going to stay. You also know that you’re going to have no problem trusting it when you’re out there in the wilderness, aiming at that trophy.

It fits great on an M14 and it’s a good mod for anyone that’s just starting out or really experienced. All you have to do is tighten it down and you’ll even get a great look to the final product, that’s an added bonus when you look at it alongside everything else.


  • Highly quality/useful styling
  • Moderate pricing
  • Rail hardened materials for durability
  • Manganese phosphate finish


  • Requires YouTube to improve install process

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Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope MountSpringfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount, Matte Black

The Springfield Armory Generation 4 Scope Mount is made with aluminum in a single piece construction, which increases the durability but decreases the weight. This is especially important if you’re heading out for an extended period of time because that extra weight can definitely get tiring over time. It uses a Picatinny-style rail and includes all of the hardware that you need for the installation process.

What that means is you’ll be able to use any Picatinny scopes but you’ll also be able to use any version of Weaver scopes because the two are generally interchangeable. This means you’ll have more variety and versatility to the type of scope that you want and just which ones you may want to swap out as time goes on. You could choose one today and pick something entirely different a year from now without having to swap your mount.

Moderately priced, this scope mount has three different points of contact, which improves the stability that you get to your mount as well. You’ll be able to rely on the mount to hold your scope right where you want it, firmly, with no ‘wobble.’ You’ll also be able to trust it to stay there for as long as you need, which is important if you’re about to take aim at something. You don’t want any adjustment in the process.

When installing this particular scope mount you have to make sure you’re getting it done right because it can take a little extra effort to get a flat mount that’s going to give you the grouping that you actually need. If you’re not careful about the process you could end up too spread out for any use. It’s important to look closely at the instructions (and tools) that are included and check online for YouTube videos that will help you if you prefer to learn visually.

With the right tools, you’ll have a good process for the mounting, but it can help to go through some YouTube videos to make sure. Once you’re done you’ll see that it holds zero easily and for an extended period of time, without having to reset or adjust the mounting. This is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on adjustments each time they pull out their gun, or for those who need something that’s ready to go when they are.


  • Extra clearance over handguard
  • Clear install instructions
  • Completely free of burs and milling marks
  •  Mounts very high (could be a pro or con depending on your needs)


  • Rails are shorter than required for some mounts
  • Somewhat bulky when installed

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UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe Scope Mount

UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe top rated M14-M1A Scope Mount

The UTG New Gen Locking Deluxe Scope Mount is a very inexpensive sniper mount designed for M14 and M1A rifles. This means that you’re not going to have any problem taking it with you into the wilderness and carrying it along for an extended period of time, which is definitely an important aspect when you’re hunting or doing anything else. Don’t you think it’s better to carry something light with you rather than trying to lug a heavy tool or trying to aim it?

It uses a 6” Picatinny-compatible rail that offers 15 different slots and works with Weaver and other rings. This is great because it improves the level of versatility that’s available for the scope that you want and allows you the freedom of being able to swap out more easily over time as well. If you opt for a Weaver system this time you could easily switch to a Picatinny after.

This can help cut down on your costs overall because you only need to purchase one mount and then you’re good for just about any type of scope rather than replacing both the scope and the mount.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, it’s one composite piece, with locking points across the side plate and a horizontal bottom guide. It also offers adjustable side screws that make sure it’s installed flat and level. There’s no need for gunsmithing during the installation process because it installs quickly and easily.

If you need additional help, above and beyond the instruction book, you can find YouTube videos that will help with the process as well. These are great for anyone who learns better by seeing rather than reading as well.

The rear end locks with a charger guide dovetail and the rubber rail guards are included so you are ready to go right off the bat. It uses a see-through design that allows you to still use the original sights of your rifle if you prefer and can be made high or low profile. Not only that but it keeps the mount entirely stable with the locking point and horizontal bottom guide, so you don’t have to worry about any wobble during your next adventure.

It is not designed for quick disconnect and does require you to adjust to zero every time that you want to uninstall and reinstall it. Once it is installed there’s no problem with moving or shaking, no matter what you do.


  • Looks high quality and sleek once installed
  • Low price for budget users
  • Mounts easily even without instructions
  • Holds zero for a long time if kept installed


  • Does not retain zero when uninstalled
  • Instruction book is very lacking

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New Generation Locking Deluxe Scope Mount

New Generation Locking Deluxe M14-M1a Scope

The New Generation Locking Deluxe Scope Mount is made in one single piece, and it’s one of the lowest price options we’ve found. That means it’s great for anyone that finds themselves on a budget and wants to make sure they’re still getting a high-quality system, that’s really going to work. It comes with all of the hardware you need in order to install it, which means you can pick up the box, grab your gun and get going just like that, without having to head to the store or order anything else.

You get a good amount of eye relief, up to 6”, which is going to be more than enough for just about any purpose, keeping you comfortable and accurate at the same time. You can also easily remove the rail whenever you need to because it holds zero for an extended amount of time. That means you’ll continue to get the grouping that you’re looking for without having to worry about resetting every single time you pick it up.

The Picatinny style of this rail means that you can easily install any Picatinny scope or you’ll be able to use a Weaver scope, which is generally compatible. You won’t have a problem installing either one or even swapping between different scopes of different styles. This helps to improve your overall versatility and lets you continue using the system even as you change your mind about specific scopes.

It can be difficult to get in line with the iron sights (which are the ones that come with the gun), and can reduce the effectiveness of the rifle overall. While the screws can also be a bit of a problem, stripping easily, it’s possible to get a good fit if you’re careful and you follow the instructions completely and accurately. You may also want to take a look at YouTube videos to find out even more and see about easier ways to complete the install.

Lightweight and sized to fit an M1A rifle perfectly, all you need to do is line up the mounting holes and you’ll be able to use a torque wrench to get the screws in just tight enough (but not too tight). You just need 18”-pounds with the torque wrench to make sure it stays snug the whole time you’re using it. But if you tighten it down too far, that’s when you’re going to get the difficulty with stripping screws.


  • Fits tight to the rifle for a snug fit
  • Up to 6” eye relief
  • Maintains zero for extended period
  • All hardware included


  • Length can be short for some rifles
  • Mounting screw not high quality

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Springfield Armory M14 4th Generation Scope Mount

Sprgfld Scope Mount M1A 4Th Gen Stl

The Springfield Armory 4th Generation Scope Mount is moderately priced but can be restricted for a number of different states and specific areas in several states. That means you’re going to want to look at the specifics of your state to make sure that it’s able to be shipped there. The company doesn’t ship out if the product is not allowed in your area.

Made in one piece, it’s high quality and excellent for the M1A rifle. It’s also easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s going to work with the scope that you want. You may need a little bit of effort and work to get everything to line up properly, but it’s important to align the clip stripper pin to make sure that the entire system fits the way that it should.

Made with aluminum, it’s still a durable piece that you can rely on. The aluminum also means that it’s very lightweight and you’ll be able to easily carry it along with you when you’re going anywhere. Whether you’re planning on hunting or target shooting, you’ll be able to hold it as long as you need to without any problems because of the lightweight aspect.

This mount works great if you’re trying to keep to a factory look and style because of the overall design. Getting to zero is simple also and the company is most definitely known for high quality and durability compared to other, similar units. This is very important because it ensures that you’re getting what you’re actually looking for and that you won’t have any problems with the overall quality as you continue to use it.

The rail itself is actually separated in the center, which provides a slightly more unique style, but still fits with most rings that you might have. It’s actually able to work with a Picatinny or a Weaver setup which helps to increase the level of versatility for you. You’ll be able to choose between a wider range of scopes and rings.

It also allows for changes in your own opinion or needs while you have the gun. You won’t need to worry about swapping out the entire system just to get a new scope.

The moderate weight of the unit is great at the same time, making sure that you can easily mount it on the rifle and carry it as much as needed. That, balanced with the price and the other great features means it’s a good choice for just about any needs.


  • Easy installation process
  • Fits firmly over the rifle
  • Separated rail
  • Maintains the original factory style and look


  •  Achieving zero can take a little effort
  • Mount is heavier than some other options

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GG&G Scout Scope Mount


GG&G Scout Scope Mount For M1A Picatinny Rail, Black

The GG&G Scout Scope Mount has a unique attachment method that allows you to fix it to the upper factory hand guard. Not only that but it’s made with a type of aluminum alloy that keeps it lightweight and easy for you to carry for an extended period of time. Because of the unique style, you get a smooth appearance and a lower price than you’ll find with most of the options we’ve found here so far.

You won’t need to adjust or modify your weapon in order to install and attach it, which is a great benefit for anyone who’s had to install scope mounts before. It can seem like you’re spending a whole lot of time modifying your weapon and not enough time just out there enjoying it. It is best low profile m1a scope mount design that doesn’t take away from the high quality that you’re looking for.

You also don’t need to worry about how to get the installation process under control. That’s because it’s very simple to follow the instructions that are included and there are also YouTube videos available to help with the install if you need a little more assistance. You can snug down the bolts with no problem and get a tight and secure fit for the system itself, without having to worry about stripping screws or anything else.

A Picatinny rail means that you can attach just about anything you need, including Picatinny or Weaver rings, and you can still use the iron sights on your rifle while you’re doing it. This is a great feature for those who like the versatility of different scopes and the ability to use the scope or the iron sights when they’re shooting. Overall, it has approximately 2” of eye relief to get really close and not sacrifice the view.

You get 17 slots across the top, which means you can easily attach any scope that you want without a problem. It’s actually a very large system compared to many (including several of our options) which is going to help you get exactly what you’re looking for every time you install something new with it.

The factory heat shield can made it a little bit too wide for general use but it does still have additional features that you’ll want to check out, like the perfect fit to the rifle and the lack of modification requirements.


  • Low eye relief
  • Can see the iron sight through the unit
  • No modification required to rifle for use
  • Simple installation process


  • Wide for factory heat shield
  • Scope mount may need additional modification for use

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The Process of Choosing best scope mount for M1A in 2021

Choosing a scope mount is a mix of several different factors. You want to look at the pieces to the mount, whether it’s fixed or detachable, what materials are used in its construction, how much it weighs, how easy it is to get set up and ready to go, and how much it’s going to cost.

Mount Pieces

You will find both one and two piece mounts available to choose from for your scope. A one-piece mount can add height to your scope and is able to push the optic forward to get you over the handguard if you have a longer scope, while still providing the right level of eye relief. These mounts also have the rings automatically aligned because they’re attached already.

Two-piece scope rings a lightweight, which is great when you’re looking to keep your carry weight down. They also provide better clearance for chamber access, which is something that hunters are going to want. On the other hand, you’re going to need to align them to each other because they get attached separately.


Fixed vs. Detachable

When it comes to choosing the style of mount you have it’s important to think about what you’re doing with the rifle. A fixed mount is going to keep the scope in exactly the same place at all times, but it can be difficult to clean the scope and the barrel of your rifle around that mount. You will spend less for this type of mount, however.

On the other hand, a detachable mount is more expensive but makes it easy to clean and easy to swap out your scope if you need to. You’ll also be able to carry additional scopes in case of a problem with the first one (which kind of plays into the last point of being able to swap). Unfortunately, you could also have problems if the mount isn’t reinstalled exactly the same way.


Scope mounts are made of one of two materials primarily (though sometimes they’re made of both together. These are aluminum and steel. An aluminum mount is going to be lighter, but it can be easily damaged if you’re not careful, either by drops, hitting it against anything or over tightening the screws during installation.

A steel mount is going to be more durable against those drops and hits. It’s also going to protect against that over tightening problem when it comes to screws because it’s made of the same material as the screws that you’re using.


Weight is always going to be an issue when it comes to something you put on your rifle because, if you’re going to be walking a lot and carrying that gun you want it to be lightweight. If you’re going to be holding it up and waiting to get off the shot you want it to be lightweight. So look for an option that keeps the weight down, whether you still want to go steel or not, there are lighter options available in every category.


Just because you get a one-piece system doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy to install, or easier to install than a two-piece system. Look at what the install process takes and factor in how long it’s going to take to align your pieces in a two-piece system. Also, make sure that you consider the materials and the tools that you have to make it easier to get something you can get going within no time flat.


You don’t want to make your decision about anything solely based on the price, but when it comes down to it, the price can definitely be a factor. Look at what’s out there and then make a decision on what your price range is. You’ll find plenty of options in just about any range, whether you’re only looking to spend a little or you’re willing to spend a lot.


Overall, a steel construction scope mount is going to give you more durability and strength as well as a stronger hold. It’s going to be built for more applications and it’s going to improve accuracy because of the hold. That’s one of the reasons that the Sadlak Industries Airborne Scope Mount pulled ahead of the pack.

But it’s the 3 point contact, 5-degree case deflector and lightweight aspect that really sets it apart, even from the other steel options. It’s excellent for anything you might need and helps you to achieve the grouping and quality that you’re looking for.

What do you think is the most important thing about a scope mount? Do you have a favorite among the ones we’ve listed here? Or maybe you have a different one that you prefer?

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