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best longbows reviews 2021

Are you searching for best longbow for hunting or target shooting?

There are several longbow brands and manufacturer which makes it’s very confusing,

when I bought my first longbow years ago, I burned my money on the wrong longbow.

Which resulted in inaccuracy and inconvenience while shooting the bow and arrow.

But over time I have cracked the process to choose suitable and perfect longbow which made my hunting experiences more fascinating, and I want to help you as well so you can get optimum results.

whether you are in bow hunting or target shooting, having top performing longbow can make a difference in results

that’s why I have created a list of Amazing longbows and reviewed it, it took us almost three days to review and came up with top rated longbows for money.

While preparing the list of top rated longbows, we have looked for following things (You can scroll down at end to read the choosing method of longbows in detail)

  • Purpose of the bow (Whether it is best for target shooting or hunting)
  • Brace height of longbow
  • Draw weight and Draw length of the bow
  • Quality and Brand
  • Price or buyer’s budget for longbow

What are the best longbows in 2021?

LongbowDraw weight AMO lengthPrice
MARTIN ARCHERY SAVANNAH 40-65 pounds62 inches Check Price
(for right hand)
45-55 pounds
(for left hand)
64 inches Check Price
MOUNTAIN MAN SIERRA40-60 pounds68 inches Check Price
SAS PIONEER TRADITIONAL35-55 pounds68 inches Check Price
Longbowmaker White Handmade Longbow
(for beginners)
27-33 pounds54 inches Check Price
Traditional Hickory Longbow40/45 pounds71 inches Check Price
October Mountain Ozark Hunter Longbow68 inches Check Price
PSE Sequoia Longbow 28 pounds68 inches Check Price

Here are the in-depth reviews of top rated longbows present in the market

Note: Reviews of all  longbows are totally unbiased and personally tested, so you can buy it without even thinking twice.

SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Long Bow– Best longbow for the money


At 68 inches long, this bow is an excellent choice if you’re looking for excellent comfort. The weight draw available is anything between 35 and 55 pounds, and it’s made of the best quality materials that make for its stability and smoothness.


  • High-quality materials

The riser of this longbow is made of two different kinds of wood: Makore and Cassia Siamea, the combination of which makes for a longbow like few others. And as if this wasn’t enough, the limbs are made of strong fiberglass and Maple laminations, ensuring the durability of the longbow and also its reliability.

  • “Universal” grip

The grip of this longbow was designed in a way that it accommodates all sizes of hands. Long gone are the days when the grip on your favorite bow was either too small or too big, the Sas Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow is designed to fit in your hand, no matter its size.

  • High Performance

All of the materials, along with the elegant, timeless design, come together to assure a high-performance longbow. Its accuracy is impressive, as is its power. Every time you’ll use it will be a new experience, and it will be even better than the last.

What we like:

  • No tools needed for setup of the bow.
  • Once mastered it can be used for bowhunting.
  • Amazing price-quality relation.
  • It’s made to last thanks to the high-quality materials used in its design.
  • The Custom grip that adapts to any hand size.

 Our concerns:

  • Available only for the right hand.

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Mountain Man Sierra Longbow 68 -Best Longbow For Target Shooting

best longbows for hunting 

Another great option to consider is the Mountain Man Sierra Longbow 68”, made of Walnut and Hard Maple woods and has a custom finish. As the name implies, it is 68-inch longbow bow, it has between 40 and 60 pounds of draw weight, and the brace height can be anything between 6½ and 7½ inches. It is a multipurpose longbow, that can be used for nearly all activities that require a bow and arrows, whether it is hunting or it is target shooting it works amazingly.


  • High-quality materials

As mentioned, the Mountain Man Sierra is made of Walnut and Hard Maple, but the real secret of its materials is that this wood is handpicked to assure the bow is easy to handle and made to last. In addition to that, Hard Maple has known also as “Rock Maple” and makes for a solid and very powerful bow.

The limbs are made of fiberglass and its tips are additionally reinforced to assure durability and high performance.

  • Accuracy

The accuracy of this bow is exceptional. The vibration and hand shock are practically inexistent, it’s easier to control than other longbows.

  • Fast Flight string compatible

Not all bows can be used with all strings out there. This specific longbow is compatible with the Fast Flight string, a string made to be faster and transfer more energy to the arrow than others. Another reason why this compatibility is so great is the fact that the Fast Flight string doesn’t stretch.

 What we like:

  • Very powerful.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Great value for money.
  • Available for left and right handed archers/bowhunters.
  • Built-in arrow shelf.
  • Extremely smooth draw.
  • Very elegant appearance.

 Our concerns:

  • There are virtually no complaints about this product, it gets as close as perfect as a longbow can get.

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Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow

 if budget is your problem and you can’t afford above bows then flagella horse can become you pick for hunting and target shooting. Available range for draw weight is between 30-60 which is sufficient for any kind of archery activities.


  • Awesome handmade bow (Premium Quality)

It is manufactured by China’s one of the largest and biggest archery manufacturer LONGBOWMAKER which is synonyms for High-quality handmade longbows,

you can blindly trust the manufacturer because they have earned this reputation by delivering quality products for years.

  • Draw weight for everyone (30lb-60lb)

It comes with big range of draw weights i.e. from 30lb to 60lb  which mean everyone can pick a suitable draw weight according to their need,

It doesn’t matter whether you want to hunt coyote, deer or turkey with it you can get your desired draw weight.

  • Accurate and Powerful

After testing it with other bows we can’t believe how accurate the results were, I don’t know how but this bow is good blend of everything and accuracy was better than most of the bow,

Longbowmakers makes quite powerful bows and this bow in no exception they have made it powerful as well

  • Lightweight and Feels good in hand

The bow is lighter than other bows which will be helpful if you are on the hunt and carrying it all day and night, It is easy to carry that’s why most of the women hunter’s are in love this bow.

What we like:

  • Multiple draw weight range (30lb-60lb)
  • Budget-friendly longbow
  • Beautiful, lightweight and durable
  • Product by great brand
  • A powerful longbow which is silent as well.

 Our concerns:

  • It takes more than week to get shipped

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Bear Archery Montana Longbow Review – Best Hunting Longbow

Bear archery montana right hand long bowHere is Bear Montana longbow review:

This longbow was first launched in the 1990’s, and since then it’s become very popular. It has a slightly reflexed design, with 64 inches AMO length and between 30 and 65 pounds of draw weight for the right hand and 45 to 55 for the left hand. The recommended brace height is between 7½ and 8½ inches. It can be used for hunting or just practicing, and it can handle practically any weather condition. If money is the issue then you can by used bear Montana longbow on eBay.


  • Smooth, stable, fast

This bow might look simple, but it’s anything but. Although amazing for beginners, it offers the stability and speed experienced archers are looking for as well.

  • Reinforced and comfortable

This is something you want to be searching for every bow, and Bear Archery doesn’t disappoint. Using Maple wood and fiberglass to protect the limbs and further reinforce the tips, along with adding a soft leather grip, will make your bow last and always feel as amazing as it did the first time you shot it.

  • FutureWood

Bear Archery also uses its signature FutureWood technology, which is the result of a process that gives any wood in the handle section new physical traits that prevent the wood from cracking or warping.

What we like:

  • Easy to use, which makes it great for beginners.
  • It’s made to last.
  • Amazing value for money it is one of the cheap longbows for its quality.
  • It’s powerful and probably fastest longbow yet so you don’t have to worry about your arrow not being fast enough if what you want to use it for is hunting.
  • It’s smooth and quiet, which makes it great for hunting, as well as for target archery.

 Our concerns:

  • Some customers report that it can be a bit hard to draw.
  • The leather grip might be a bit disappointing. It’s not cheap, but it’s not of the same quality as the other materials used to make the bow.

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Martin  Savannah Stealth Longbow Review – One of the Best Longbow on The Market Today 

longbow reviews

This longbow modern longbow and one of the best ones currently available. It has a draw weight between 40 and 65 pounds, a brace height between 6½ to 7½ inches and AMO Length of 62 inches. It is reflex longbow and every bow is handmade, which makes all the difference in the world. The riser of the bow is reinforced with silver and accented with Zebrawood, which also laminates the entire length of the limbs, except the reinforced limb tips.


  • No hand shock when shooting

Basically, due to the fact that the riser of the bow cannot absorb the movement of the long limb, you’ll notice a so-called hand shock every time you shoot an arrow with most of the longbows out there. The Savannah Stealth is made in a way that the hand shock is practically inexistent, making it that much easier to shoot.

  • Best performance and maximum comfort

When buying a Savannah Stealth, you can be sure that you’ll get an excellent quality longbow which will assure you the best performance and maximum comfort, mainly thanks to the reflex/deflex technology implemented in the bow. There’s no stacking, the release is practically incomparable and the draw stroke is amazing.

Read here more about Bow Release Reviews

  • Handcrafted and high-quality materials 

Every Savannah Stealth longbow is handcrafted out of the best materials to make your experience superb. The riser is made of Bubinga with some Zebrawood highlights, and the limbs are made of Bubinga and covered with Zebrawood. Clear glass is used to top the limbs and black fiberglass at the tip overlays.

What we like:

  • It’s made to last.
  • Amazing quality.
  • No hand shock.
  • Comes with a Flemish bowstring.
  • It comes with a bow sock to protect it.
  • It’s very silent.
  • Great arrow speed.
  • It’s one of the most visually appealing longbows out there.

 Our concerns:

  • Since it’s handmade, it might be out of stock or the waiting time can sometimes longer than desired.
  • It is on the pricier side. But the quality and experience it provides make it worth every penny.

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Longbowmaker White Handmade Longbow – Best Longbow For Beginners


Last, but not least, if you’re still not entirely convinced by any of the other longbows, there is another amazing option for you to consider – the Longbowmaker White Handmade Longbow. At first glance, this longbow stands out thanks to its color, but it’s so much more than just a pretty white bow. It’s available for draw length from 20 to 110 pounds, and the draw length can be anywhere between 27 and 33 inches. The body is 54 inches long despite the bow being quite thin, this doesn’t affect the overall performance.


  • Draw weight from 20 to 110 pounds

It is not common to find commercial longbows that can handle such weight. It is something that would definitely be very interesting for anyone trying to find a longbow that can handle a lot of draw weight but is not at the point of having one custom made.

  • Only the best materials

This longbow is made of different materials: the grip is made of pigskin, the riser of Beech, and the limbs are made of wood and covered in fiberglass. All of these materials together make for a high-quality longbow that will last you a long time.

  • Performance

The design and the materials come together to provide an excellent experience to any archer. The overall performance, accuracy, and absence of hand shock included, is outstanding, and it’s the reason behind the excellent arrow speed, making this bow perfect for hunting as well.

 What we like:

  • The color is really beautiful and special.
  • If you’re looking for a higher than usual draw weight, this longbow can go as far as 110 pounds.
  • Accurate, reliable, durable.
  • Made only of the best materials.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • Smooth draw and no stacking.

 Our concerns:

  • Some archers report that there is a little bit of hand shock at higher draw weights.
  • Some find the string that comes with the bow of not such great quality.

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History And An Introduction Of Longbows
Longbows have been around literally for millennia.The oldest longbow that was ever found dates all the way back to 3,300 BC on the border between Italy and Austria, and since then it’s made its way all around Europe and even became the English go-to weapon for wars and also hunting.It’s a beautiful piece of equipment if you’re passionate about archery or bow hunting, and would like to have the same experience our ancestors had all those many, many years ago. When you see a longbow, you immediately understand where the name came from (if you need a visual reference, Robin Hood, as portrayed by Kevin Costner in the 1991 movie, was using a longbow). It is, in fact, long. It were usually about as high as the shooter and made of wood. It looks rather simple, but don’t be fooled, it can give you an excellent shooting experience.


How to choose the best longbow for hunting?

We should look for following things while selecting the highest quality of longbow for hunting.

  • Purpose of the longbow/traditional bow

Longbows can be used for practically any archery-related purpose, but the Olympics. Depending on what your chosen discipline is, you’ll want to research different options or consult with a professional when it comes to choosing your longbow. For example, if what you’re interested is field archery, the best longbow for you can be different from one for bowhunting or traditional archery.

  • Brace height of longbow

In case you’re not entirely familiar with the term, Brace height is the distance between the deepest part of the bow and the string and it matters most to increase the speed with which the arrow is shot (lower brace height, higher arrow speed). Many times, when you ask about the perfect brace height, you might get an answer like, “The one that helps you shoot at your best.” This sounds like a ridiculous answer to a very specific question, but in time you’ll see that whoever gave you this answer, was right. However, when choosing the first one, one of the recommendations out there is to go for 1/12 of the bow’s height and then adapt according to your necessity and preference. 

  • Draw weight & draw length

Draw weight, the amount of weight your pull when drawing a bow, and draw length, the distance between the throat of the grip and the nock point, are two measurements you should know when choosing a longbow, or any bow for that matter. When it comes to longbows the weight usually changes with your draw length – for every inch of a product’s draw length, you have to take into consideration a +/- 2½ pounds. It’s one of the first things that you’ll be asked when trying to help you find the best choice, one that will fit you perfectly and will help make archery or bowhunting fun and exciting for you.

  • Quality and brand of the longbow

As mentioned, a longbow is essentially made of two elements, the bow, and the string. There are no additional elements, so you want to make sure that the quality is superb. Traditionally longbows were made of yew wood, but nowadays you can find them made of other types of woods or materials as well. With only these two elements, the longbow can be more fragile than other, more modern longbows, therefore it’s extremely important that you make sure that the bow you decide to buy will not be destroyed after just a few archery or bowhunting sessions. you may be wondering that who are the best longbow makers here is your list.

What are the Best longbow brands or makers?

Following of brands are considered finest longbow brands available in the market today

  1. Bear Archery
  2. Mountain Man Archery
  3. Martin Archery
  • Price

Buying a low price longbow might seem like a good idea when you’re leaving the store, but most likely you’ll soon regret it. When it comes to having a bow made of a piece of wood and a string, you want it to be of the best quality possible, so it doesn’t get destroyed a few shots in. And, yes, quality costs. We are in no way encouraging you to spend all of your hard-earned money on a longbow, especially if you’re a beginner. However, you do need to realize that buying a good longbow has its cost and if you’re serious about taking up archery or bowhunting, you should be ready to spend a little extra.



 These 5 longbows are of the best that are currently available on the market. Most of them are suitable for both beginners and advanced archers and can be used for target archery, traditional archery, hunting, basically anything, but the Olympics.

Some might seem a bit pricey, but the truth of the matter is that the quality you’ll be buying with any of these longbows has been tested and approved time and time again by archers of all sorts around the world. Besides, one of the main features all of these longbows share is durability, which means that what you spend will last you a long time as long as you take good care of it.

Using a longbow is definitely an experience like few others when it comes to archery or bowhunting. We’ve done our best to focus on why you should give longbows a chance, what to pay special attention to when choosing your first (or next) longbow, and reviewing 5 different products, their main features and pros and cons, to help you make the best and most informed decision possible. Whatever you decide, just always make sure you’re buying good products and do your very best to always stay safe when handling a bow and arrows.

 Here is video which will help you to build custom longbow at home 

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