Best Crossbow Bolts 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide (Top 10 Picks)

best crossbow bolts reviews

A bolt is designed to be used with a Best crossbow just as an arrow with a bow. But do you ever understand that having some crossbow is as important as knowing bolts in any hunting course? This buying guide makes you understand the essentials of getting the best crossbow bolt in 2022.


How to choose best crossbow bolts for hunting in 2022?

As you go out hunting for a game attempting to use a bolt you would find out that having a foreknowledge of the quality of which to use is quite essential. It appears some gamers think that having and making use of any bolt is really proper. Just to hint you, there are low quality materials that result in easy disrepair, preventable accidents and wastage of time and resources for those who try to utilize them. This is not always so for materials of great quality and durability. For this purpose, a detailed review is made in this buying guide so you may achieve a better understanding of the types of bolts that suit you best.

There are features to consider when opting in for a crossbow bolt. They include:

THE MATERIAL – This has to do with the bits and pieces that make up the object itself. There are certainly some parts that must have basic items made of them. For instance, the crossbow’s shaft must have either carbon fiber, aluminum or fiberglass. Crossbows with aluminum shafts are the weakest of the categories as they of very low durable material. After that comes the fiberglass. When bent too often they tend to pieces to several shards. However, they have the advantage of absorbing shocks when used. Those made of fiberglass appear to be of the greatest durable use. These crossbows of varying materials are of different prices. The more durable the material the higher the price and vice-versa. And it is very advisable to go with fiberglass stuffs because with consistent usage they make for efficiency.


WEIGHT – Another important quality you need to look out for in your choice crossbow bolt is the weight. Here, you would discover the weights are different. Extremely, some are rather light and the others are quite heavy. If your crossbow is too weighty for you it would not produce needed results on impact. And also if it is too heavy it would not get the game; the range would as well be proportionally limited. So what you need to ensure is that you go for the one that strikes the balance. Relatively, a person’s physiological build-up may also affect the level of weight one needs to make out for. In getting the proper crossbow bolts with the normal weight you only need to refer to the manufacturers’ instructions which are often clearly laid out in the owner’s manual.


FLETCHINGS – This has to do with the feathers or wings that are located at the back of the bolt. When fired, the work of the fletching is to balance the bolt’s course. Best of the crossbows bolts usually have their fletching made of plastic. You would really have to look up for this as well in your crossbolts.


NOCKS – That little part that attaches the crossbow bolt to the string so as to balance it as you make your fire shots is called the nock. You can have a nock like one, a half-moon nock or a flat one. The half-moon nock can be distinguished from the flat one because it actually demands that you fasten it with the crossbow’s string before you make your shots. The crossbow with the flat nock does not require for this before you can use it. That is where their differences lie! Primarily, the nocks must be made of a durable plastic or strong aluminum. Nonetheless, manufacturers have diverse recommendations as to which you should use for their crossbows. But generally, the half-moon nocks are preferable.

BROADHEADS– Basically, there are three different broadhead bolts. One is the fixed broadhead, another is removable broadhead and the other is the expandable broadhead bolt. They are all good. But one is best, especially with regards to achieving the cleanest kill in the nick of time. This is the expandable broadhead bolt. As different from the regular ones, the expandable broadhead bolt causes the greatest degree of damage as it impacts upon the animal. This is why it is often preferred by most hunters. Also, they have maximum velocity and correct accuracy when made use of.


Best Crossbow Bolts  for Hunting 2022

Here we have reviews of Best Crossbow Bolts available in the market

Tenpoint Crossbows Omni-Brite 2.0 Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Tenpoint Crossbows Omni-Brite 2.0 best Crossbow bolt and broadhead, Best Crossbow bolts


Tenpoint crossbow is arguably of one of the most widely known brands in the crossbows industry and they have been a dependable dealer of high-value crossbow bolts time over. The tenpoint crossbows omni-brite is just one in a line of outstanding crossbows from the stores with outstanding features which makes them distinct in the market.

With its highly developed features, you can be confident of all time utility under any condition. The presence of a 68-grain aluminum insert automatically keeps the handling consistently easy even when the weight of the insert is enclosed. Therefore, you can benefit from superior target possession and extended gunfire hours. We like the soaring quality insert feature of this crossbow bolts since it is special and it is as such one of the most ideal for hunting in low light circumstances.

Tenpoint Crossbows are 20-inches in length; they also have 441-grain weight. It also has included for you a 100-grain tip for practice. It also has a 2-inch group at 50-yards. It, however, has around 10% loss of speed around 50 yards. It also possesses a shot precision and first-class consistency.

Moreover, the six micro-grooves that constitute the three bowstring routs which remove the indexing challenge is accompanied with the moon and flat nocks. This feature helps to do away with those with extremely low light in aiming for your first kill and was directed at recognizing your best shot placement afterward. Interestingly, you can also adjust the intensity of the light physically which hence allows you to alter the lights to go with your preferences.

It can also be sighted in at about 35 yards and the lights are so intense that you will be able to see it in the lit sunshine.

What we Like:

  • Highly developed characteristics
  • Multicoated excellence lenses for light gathering capability without alteration.
  • Dual illumination system allowing for automatic aiming point adjustment
  • Suitable for low light conditions
  • Outstanding lucidity

Our concerns:

  • Inability to function well in extremely lit conditions

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Barnett Outdoors Carbon 20-Inch Crossbow Bolt 

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch bolts, Best Crossbow bolts 2019

These crossbow bolts are presently being produced with a more enduring wall impermeability which makes for more durability. It is at 13.78 grains per inch which is matched with a 100-grain point. They offer maximal precision and penetration. The dimensions are 3.2 by 24.5 by 1.2 inches. The weight of the item is 1.04 pounds.

They also include field points and other moon nocks. But you have to note that these field points are tips of the bolts and that the half-moon nocks are the orange tips which is already fastened to the bolts very close to the fletching. You need to know that if you make use of Penetrator, WildCat C-5, Ghost 350 and Jackal Crossbows you may easily find Barnett compatible with each of them.


These are the kind of bolts you can shoot with Barnett Jackal crossbows with 100-grain field tips or broadheads, and they work great. They have a measure of accuracy that makes them the best for you.

The red flag you need to watch out for is any maladjustment in the arrows before you go out to hunt. If you noticed any strained region on the shaft just do away with the arrow at once. Sure you don’t want to use an arrow that has a bad shaft. This is because it might destroy your crossbow, similar to dry firing. So, you need to watch your arrows strictly and purchase brand new stuffs as necessary.

You just need to shoot through the broadhead target time after time and the fletching stays strong. And another thing you need to realize is that some bolts come with inserts but they may not be glued in and made complete for use.

What we Like:

  • Excellent impermeability for walls
  • High performance features
  • Durable state of art materials
  • Maximal protection and better penetration

Our concerns:

  • Some inserts are not fastened for optimum use
  • Incompatible with certain crossbow brands

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Bloodsport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts (PACK OF 6) 0.003-INCH


Bloodsport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts


This crossbow bolts work really well with modern high speed crossbows and the standard 150lb crossbows that have gained market dominance overtime. They offer a balanced weight for terminal functionality and sustained energy. They are weighted between 300 to 350 grains oftentimes. If affords you the opportunity of tailoring the overall bolt weight to your personal crossbow as you opt out for a field point which suits your taste most.

These sorts of bolts always come standard along blood ring technology which makes tracking games more workable. It is built with more front of center for better flight and penetration, and even for maximum speed crossbows. It has a straightness elasticity of +-.003”. It is equally available in 20” and 22” lengths which afford you a tighter shoot. The bolts weigh 325 grains normally.  It however does not have field points. It has brass inserts, possesses flat and half-moon nocks. The plastic fletching is made of a better 4”vanes, a vane material steer.

It really can help return good value for your money. The bolts are very strong, well-crafted and very straight resulting in a perfect shot the moment it is used. They are well capable of hitting 350 fps with them. The range 4 inch broadheads can do a lot of internal damage to the buck even if shot from behind. The bolts are quite nicely set with durable quality vanes. It sticks to the 4-inch vanes and shoots over 280fps.  When shot it easily balances out and flies with a faster crossbow in flight. Likewise, it possesses the brass inserts which helps you to weigh forward needed for a firmer bolt flight. They are superior bolts and are worthy of being recommended for gamers of all bucks.

What we Like:

  • Highly-developed features like vanes, brass inserts, etc
  • Value for money; high ROI
  • Sustained force and terminal functionality
  • Greater Speed and penetration level

Our concerns:

  • Abnormal weight size

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EASTON FMJ 20” BOLT 3” VN MN 6P Crossbow bolts

Easton Fmj 20 Bolt 3 Vn Mn 6P- Best crossbow arrow 2022

When your game really needs real time results EASTON FMJ 20” BOLT 3” VN MN 6P is the metal jacket you should opt out for. Its superior power to knockdown bucks is compared to none. Actually, FMJ translates into full metal jacket. This Easton-manufactured FMJ sincerely helps you to deliver solid-hitting performances. It also leaves behind a shorter blood trails.

This crossbow bolt features a high strength carbon concentration with a 7075 alloy metal jacket. It possesses a straightness tolerance of +-.003”. It is also available in 20” weighing in at 13.7 GPI. It includes nocks and inserts. It has fletching with several 3 BTV vanes. It can also serve you the benefits of a high powered carbon core 7077.

The Full Metal Jacket is often precise and they shoot so definitely that if you missed out at all it is your fault. They also have the rare capability of enduring great, tough hunting expeditions as a result of their stern make-up. Easton Full Metal Jackets almost give you your money’s value for the goods without you having to stick your thumbs in tongues! If you are the high velocity pro this Easton-made stuff can suffice as best for you.

The full metal jacket (FMJ) is an extremely heavy bolt. With a lighted nock and 125 grain broadhead, the overall weight becomes 500 grains. It equally has great penetration. It is normally a heavy crossbow bolt to go with. It has a lighted nock and 125 grains broadhead which total weight is 500 grains. You can be sure to hit your target if your shot went expertly even at 60yards space.

What we Like:

  • It works for higher velocity during hunting expeditions
  • It guarantees a first-rate penetration of the bucks
  • Superior quality at clamping down preys

Our concerns:

  • Extremely heavy

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EASTON FMJ 20” BOLT 3” VN MN 6P Crossbow bolts


Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Fletched Carbon Best Crossbow for elk


The Maxima BLUE can be regarded as the perfect set of crossbow bolts. They are good and efficient bolts that do come with all the knocks mentioned. It however comes with the exception that it does not come with the field points as some descriptions paint it. So, it would not be a buck killer. It is reputed to be very fast, straight and can having a different deadly impact. They are as tough just as you see nails.

With this Carbon Express Maxima BLUE you can achieve speed imminent from the rail. You can control tacks from Xbow. And you would never shoot the same target twice any longer. You nonetheless may find the laser eye lighted nocks uncomfortable because they would do little damage and break on impact. But those with lighted blue nocks would surely make a correct purchase! This is also the same for launchpad lighted nocks. In general, they make for absolutely nice fletching stuff – much better than other brands you might ever have tried.

They are of considerable weight. This every gamer understands is quite important for a clean shot. You would find them long-lasting and the tips you can promptly substitute them for field exploration as you hunt on.

Another good thing you need to be aware of is that if you are just starting out as a hunter you can find them as a set of tools to practice with. They are superb materials of great quality. They are made to fit solidly and fly glowing with the original field points coming with them and the broadheads that you can make use of too. The bolts are impressionably precise just as a Barnett crossbow hits crossbows. They are highly recommended!

What we Like:

  • Good for beginners
  • Suitable weight size
  • Multiple-level fletching colors in all conditions
  • Tacks are controllable from Crossbow

Our concerns:

  • It does not come manufactured with field points

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Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon crossbow bolts 


Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon most accurate crossbow bolts 2022

This is one hunting arrow that has a broadhead with definite accuracy. The way to facilitating flights for broadhead arrows is controlling how the arrow flexes in flight and no store does this well compared to Carbon Express. The Maxima RED has sterner head ends which reduce flexing and a Red zone in the center of the arrow which helps manage arrow flexibility in flight thus affording a matchless broadhead precision from your hunting experience.

Maxima Red boasts of real straightness to a notable 1/10,000 of an inch. Yet, you should know that the straightness of +/- 0.0025-inches is never an average but a max measurement. The dynamic spine control is patented as a hi-tech carbon material construction that manages a dynamic spine in a newer manner to make broadheads fly the better. It also boasts of the unique feature of launchpad precision nocks typical on all Maxima RED arrows and shafts to offer a restricted arrow release. You need to appreciate that with this feature you are also afforded better shaft alignment and a more consistent precision one shot after the other.

It comes with red and yellow fletchings. The fluorescent vanes are textured to reflect them slick in flight. The vanes are equally fashioned to make it easy for you to lubricate them. Advisedly, you may however ensure you get the right sized illuminated nocks so that it may properly fit into the collar.

Moreover, it has such strong feature that makes it fly with a lot of power and straight pinning down the elk at over 70 yards.  They can sincerely return value for all your crossbow bolts investments this hunting season.

What we Like:

  • Very durable
  • Fixed broadheads with calculable accuracy
  • Multiple Precision power
  • High wired instrument features
  • Exceptional features that delivers the games
  • Easy lubrication

Our concerns:

  • Not ideal for beginners

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Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon crossbow bolts 

Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Carbon Bolts

This Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Carbon Bolts are crafted for a better performance, helping your velocity, kinetic stay, and accuracy. The general weight of the bolt including a brass insert was constructed for a finest F.O.C. maximizing exactness and results in no waste of speed or kinetic power. This feature simply makes the bolt a very deadly assemblage for any crossbow.

And if you appear not to agree with that analysis you may have to get a typical Executioner crossbow bolt which is being used today. You may not have to purchase from hunters and shooters but by those who manufacture the crossbows themselves. If a crossbow is shot and the Executioner crossbow bolt is not shot alongside you are surely missing it!

It always possesses the advantage of a spine matched grouped together tech. You can use this tech guide to spine match each dozen bolts. It also ensures an accurate consistency with some deviation of +/_.010 along dozen shaft straightness. Some companies in the game industry measure a 28” section. We also measure the shaft’s full length and better tolerances in terms of straightness. We weigh and group all the shafts to guarantee the ideal match.

All of these fletched bolts also come with 2” blazer vanes. The 20” and 22” fletched bolts are pressed fit and not that fastened. The Executioner has fletched crossbow balls with half-moon nocks, (though this may be removable) and some flat nocks are as well included. Oftentimes, you need to appreciate that the Executioners are fletched alongside with Bohning 3” vanes on 20-inch and 22-inch, and they do not include points sold in separate pieces.

What we Like:

  • Excellent velocity
  • Superior tolerances in terms of straightness
  • Removable nocks
  • High effectiveness and conversion levels

Our concerns:

  • Exclusion of field points

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Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Plus Carbon Crossbow bolt


Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Plus Carbon Crossbow bolt



This is a crossbolt from Carbon Express coming in handy for game hunters. This model is often featured among the list of the best crossbolts in the market. If you are the kind that likes to shoot at longer distances, this crossbow bolts should be the model to go for when looking for a purchase. With this sort of crossbow bolts, you can be sure of some better use with all conditions.

Descriptively, the two spines in one arrow help manage energy better and make the crossbow bolts retrace quicker, they spin 20% closer, retain more velocity, and deliver unequalled precision. The bufftuff part of the crossbolts helps with precision design with a carbon touch for a superior accuracy and strength. Also, you may find the real straightness of the object really an interesting feature.

The laser checks for this straightness to a resplendent 1/10,000 of an inch. It has a straightness of +/- 0.0025 inches as a maximum measurement, not average. The mossy oak treestand offers you the advantage of a most proven camouflage bolt in the Carbon Express store.

Generally, the item weight is 0.8 ounces. The specifications too are needful for you to acknowledge – the fletchings are with 3” fusion vanes, 20-inch size; it also has some 390 grains; the diameter extends around 0.343” and it comes in six (6) per every pack. You may even pair them with a Gold Tip EZ-Pull 100 Grain Field Points (12 pack). This can give you a better snag size as to how they act on the field. You can be sure they deliver precise shots on the deer’s vitals time and again.

What we Like:

  • Sharp field points affording high accuracy
  • Most efficient weight size
  • A carbon touch making for great strength
  • Opportunities to shoot at longer distances

Our concerns:

  • Not always suitable for shorter ranges

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Carbon Express Pile Driver Fletched Carbon Crossbow bolt

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbow bolt

Carbon Express deliverables are often crafted with inventiveness, definition, and top-gear performance in order to work up to its promise of a “better shoot”. The PileDrivercrossbolt are made for the hunter that desires the ultimate bone-mashing penetration upon impact. It is surely a heavy carbon bolt to facilitate maximal kinetic power and higher knockdown capabilities.

They are the profoundest bolts in the Carbon Express store at what 342 gr sans head/field tip. If you can throw at least a 442 gr arrow at 300 fps, you should be able to get the best results for your hunting trials. The advanced structure affords for spine consistency which makes for a more efficient accuracy. The composite components are very durable and make significant impact for effective reliability and functionality.

Appreciably, for every crossbow bolts of 6 packs you have a supplementary 6 universal flat nocks. Each bolt is precisely sorted for straightness to ensure shot after shot persistence of +/-0.004. It is such a fantastic bolt that it is regarded as the weightiest in the Carbon Express line, exactly at 342 grain. Adding PileDriver to your array of hunting weapons guarantees you of excitement in your outings. You can get a grouping at 20 –30 yards, put up some confidence with the bow and then shoot directly each time.

Even at say 50 yards the PileDriver has the capacity of lodging into your target bucks crazily.  They fly direct and truly hit hard! Shooting the PileDriver Bolts, G5 Montec fixed blade broadheads makes the deer stuck in the ground with zero effort and zero harm made to you. Though they cause a slight decline in speed but this con is made up for in accuracy and superb penetration.

What we Like:

  • Configured accuracy and effectiveness
  • It offers an outstanding view of the field
  • High quality features that helps with easy penetration
  • A supply of extra of 6 packs for better gaming outings

Our concerns:

  • Relatively low velocity and speed
  • High confidence expectations from the hunter

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Bloodsport Witness Crossbow Bolt

Bloodsport Witness Crossbow Bolt

This category of bolts comes through with the blood ring tech in order to make hunting games convenient. It is constructed with more front center for a better flight and impact. This is even so for high speeding crossbows. The straightness tolerance is +0.003”. It is equally available in 20” and 22” lengths. The precise weight goes at 325 grains. It is however without field points.

All the other features that make for a splendid crossbow bolts like flat nocks, moon nocks, brass inserts are all included. It is as well fletched with 4-inches vanes. It possesses a rugged wrap structure. There are some with gold tips ballistics too.

The blood ring depicts the kind of hit which is made on the animal. It works excellently well with the high speed crossbows that we have today. This feature of the blood ring appears to be the most attractive of all the features that can be visualized by any hunter. When combined with a Barnett Raptor fx Pro the arrows shoot really flat, accurate and all of them (bolts) shoot out of the crossbow. However, you need to know that the colors around the fletching area may be different from what is pictured to you especially from customers who would love purchasing from e-commerce stores.

In addition, the bolts are quite accurate and the vanes hold up firmly.  All of the crossbow bolts actually come with the brass inserts and they all weigh within the range of one grain of each other. In your archery, including the bloodsport witness crossbow bolt helps you to enhance your chances of making more games in your hunts.

What we Like:

  • Great handling
  • Easy visualization of the Blood ring
  • Enhancement of your chances of making more hits

Our concerns:

  • The inexactness of the fletching colors
  • Absence of Field Points

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ANTSIR 20″ Hunting Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolts

ANTSIR Hunting Archery Carbon Best Crossbow Bolts 2022

ANTSIR Carbon Crossbow bolts are manufactured with a wall thickness of composite carbon shafts for improved durability. The arrow matched also with a 125 grain point with 13.75 grains per inch shaft. They provide more maximal precision and penetration durability. The outer diameter reads 8.8mm while the inner measures about 7.6mm. The material of the arrow shaft is purely carbon and the length of the arrow shaft is 20 inches. The nocks of the arrow also take a half moon orientation. The vanes are of four (4) inches, two are blue and one other is white in color. As a package you would be getting 12 pieces altogether.

Another important thing you have got to note concerning ANTSIR is that you cannot afford to shoot them against a concrete or any other erected, solid construction. They damage the arrows if you attempt to do just that. You however have the premium advantage of using an air dryer to straighten any bent fletching, or you consider opting out for some hot water.

The Antsir 20” Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow Crossbow Bolts has removed the restrictions common to most crossbow bolts which is the inability to function optimally at longer distances. This is due to the level of accuracy it boasts of. This implies that you don’t have to worry about hunting in regions with wild range fields. This crossbow arrow/bolt is also budget friendly and comes with a number of incredible parts too.However, you may discover that you may lose much of the inserts in the shots you take. And this makes the crossbow bolt fall short of the expected level of quality.

What we Like:

  • Composite carbon shaft thickness
  • Penetration toughness
  • High level of accuracy
  • Multiple loss of inserts in the crossbows

Our concerns:

  • Limited to certain crossbows

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Conclusion for Best Crossbows Bolt

Finally, of all the above crossbow bolts considered so far it, we will recommend the TENPOINT CROSSBOWS OMNI-BRITE 2.0 LIGHTED 20” PRO ELITE CARBON CROSSBOWS ARROWS as best. This is because of its highly developed features and distinctive qualities which make for an attractive and maximum return on your price

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