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Best Broadhead For Hogs

A broadhead is an important tool to have, all hunters and survivalists know this, especially if you are tired of shooting at deer all of the time.  Hogs are a lot meatier and have a whole different physical set up than deer.  In order to properly defeat a hog, you must have an effective broadhead.

Choosing The Best Broadhead For Hogs or wild bores

There are many factors that go into choosing the best broadhead when you are hunting for hogs.  You need to make sure that your broadhead has high-quality features. The blades need to be sharp, the cutting diameter needs to be on-point and wide enough, the tip—sharp like a razor; your broadhead needs to be fast in flight and the weight needs to be able to penetrate deep into the skin of the hog.

You should intricately analyze specific features that suit your individualistic needs before you buy your new broadhead, this is a wise strategy you can follow before your purchase.


Analyze All Broadhead Features

Broadhead Blades—When you are hunting for hogs, you will need to pick a broadhead with strong blades, otherwise, you will not be able to cut through your target’s body.  Look for blades that are long or that market themselves as ‘surgical’. The surgical blades are small, very fine, but pierce deeply.

If you are a skilled hunter, then you should know, if your weapon doesn’t work, you might have to use your bare hands; you know better than that! Buy a blade that works, because no one wants to handle a hog close-up.  The blades should be made of strong material, 100% steel does the job. Each blade needs to offer a strategically placed slope.


Cutting Diameter—When it comes to cutting diameters, bigger does not mean the broadhead is better.  Look for cutting diameters that range from 1-1/2-2-inches, this diameter is sufficient.  Your choice really should depend on the type of arrow you have and if your arrow is heavy or light.

If your cutting diameter does not fully penetrate your prey, they will be hurt, but will still be alive. This is why it is important to choose a cutting diameter that suits your interests and the equipment you have.  A cutting diameter that has two to four blades is always ideal as this will create much more damage to your preys internal organs.

The more blades your cutting diameter has, the heftier the damage will be.  If you happen to be a novice hog hunter, cutting diameters are the blades that are placed on the diameter of the broadhead. If you are looking for maximum flight and speed, then keeping things light should be your goal, hence, you should opt to buy a small cutting diameter versus a larger one; you don’t want to weight things down.

If you are planning on hitting the head of your prey, you should look into purchasing a larger cutting diameter.

Tip Design—the tip needs to be designed specifically to destroy hog targets.  Hogs have a physical body that is harder to pierce than deer, this is why broadheads exist.  Make sure that when you are on the market for a broadhead, your tip design is sharper than a razor.

Make sure to invest in a broadhead that has quality craftsmanship, especially when it comes to the tip design.

In order to choose a high-quality broadhead with a sturdy tip design, look for 100% steel material, as it is strong and indestructible for the most part.

Keep in mind, after your broadhead is used more than once, you will need to resharpen it from time to time, to make sure the tip and blade stay sharp and ready to strike at any given moment.

Make sure the tip design is tough, sharp, and straight.  You want to assure that your arrow and broadhead fly like a dart.  Of course, you will need to use a good amount of your own energy to accelerate your arrow and broadhead into your prey; also known as ‘kinetic energy’.  When you take the tip design into consideration, you need to ensure that you aim for penetration, range, and accuracy. Broadheads create more lethal arrows.


Flight—your broadhead needs to take a long flight, meaning, it needs to fly far. In order to achieve this type of flight, it may be wise to purchase a broadhead that has been 100% spin tested, the quicker the spin, the better the flight, and the more chances you have at hitting your target hog.

You need to look for an aerodynamic design, your broadhead needs to take off, hogs are quick, you need to be too.


Weight—your broadhead cannot be too heavy or too light.  You need to pick a broadhead that can add just the right amount of weight to your arrow; once the broadhead hits your targets neck, head, or body it will drop straight down to the ground. The weight needs to be sufficient enough to penetrate your target to death.


*Ferrule—It’s also important to note, the ferrule is the area on the broadhead in the center, where the blades attach.


Below, we will discuss the top ten broadheads that have a proven record of success.

Top rated Broadhead  for hog Reviews

G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Stainless Steel Fixed Broadheads

This broadhead is made with a blade that is strategically angled. This blade penetrates hogs with utmost strength and precision. The G5 is made-up of one-piece instead of several pieces.  It is simple, screw on and shoot your target hog.

You can easily sharpen this blade, it is designed to be resharpened with the angle that was constructed. Three broadheads come in one pack.  The design specs are as follows, 1” to 1 1/8” cutting diameter, the material is made of all-steel and this broadhead is tested for 100% spin accuracy.

The G5 provides top-quality design and technology that is accurate.  Utilize this broadhead if you are hunting hogs rather than deer. This tool has the ability to dig deep into hogs rough and tough skin.

If you are designed to hunt, this broadhead is meant for you, considering it gets the job done.  Trying to kill a hog with a simple arrow, will prove to be ineffective, it is anatomically too thick. Use this extra added component, the steel will cut the hog right on contact, piercing your prey immediately.

The great feature this model has is that you simply need to screw this broadhead onto your arrow, then watch it take flight. The material and quality the G5 company offers are phenomenal; sharper than sharp.  Not only does this model work, it lasts for many seasons, without having to be resharpened.

The G5 has a cutting diameter of 1”—1 1/8”.


What we like:

  • The sharpness is diamond cut
  • 100% all-steel build
  • (3) broadheads per (1) pack
  • Design=cut-on-contact


Our Concerns:

  • Sharpening this broadhead proves to be a bit testy


Muzzy Bowhunting Phantom Broadheads with Bleeder Blade—4 Blade, 1-1/8 Inch Cutting Diameter, 100 or 125 Grain, 3 Pack

This broadhead offers entire penetration with its 4-blade design.  It is small enough for maximum flight and is meant for big game hunting.  This model and brand is made in the USA, provides primary blades that are .036”-inches—100-grain, and 0.40”-inches—125-grain.

The backup bleeder blades offer 0.28”-inches in size.

The tip and cutting diameter design provides ultimate devastation for every hog that is in your path.

Although the 4-blade design creates ultimate havoc and destruction, you may have to strengthen your blades, just a wee bit, in order to achieve surgical blade success.


What we like:

  • 4-blade design penetrates big game deeply
  • Includes secondary bleeder blades
  • The product comes with 3 broadheads in a pack


Our Concerns:

  • Blades should be sharper


Slick Trick GrizzTrick 2

This broadhead is known to have a large cutting diameter, the hog’s body will be devastated once this comes into contact with their head or neck.  The slick trick isn’t named this for just any reason, really, this broadhead fits with the name.

You can be slick and trick a hog with this sharp broadhead meant to savagely destroy the prey you are stalking.

This tool offers a fine slice, along with maximum durability, and a strong flight. The GrizzTrick 2, offers (4) broadheads per pack.  This version provides on-point accuracy.

The size is 1-1/4”; includes an additional Alcatrez blade lock system.  The total cutting diameter is 2-1/2”.

This broadband makes sure to deliver critical holes. Your prey will be wounded and killed with the first shot. This particular tool is able to stretch long distances and across wide fields.

The shaft is black, the blades are steel, the tip is pointed; if you are looking to shoot your hog smack dab in the ribs than this broadhead will prove to work for your specific goals.

The blades the GrizzTrick 2 offers are extremely sharp, a quick kill is better for any wild animal you set out to kill anyway, after all, it is their destiny—to die.

The US Forest Service wants to keep wild hogs and their population under control. This model is viable for any hunter looking to score a wild hog.  Although not everyone wants to eat hogs, as they are known to smell putrid and undercooked meat contains plenty of diseases.

Go on, shoot this broadhead deep into your target, and go home a winner, winner, chicken dinner.


What we like:

  • Steel ferrule
  • 100 grain—weight
  • Lutz blades= .035 SS


Our Concerns:

  • Other broadheads can reach further distances; this model could improve on its distance
  • Not as compact and easy-to-use as other brands/models


Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip, 75, 100, or 125 Grain (3 Pack)

The Muzzy Bowhunting broadhead can easily be screwed right onto your arrow. It is easy to use and one of the smallest on the list. Since this product is lacking in weight, the flight this broadhead takes is further than most.

Picture a simple and small build. Who said small isn’t powerful? This broadhead proves this statement wrong.

The word slice is what comes to mind when mentioning the Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead.  You won’t be able to cut your prey into an oblivion of pieces, (remember, that is inhumane), but you will be able to pierce through their organs so quickly they will not know what hit them.

Before you know it, your prey will be lying dead on the floor, waiting for you to remove your arrow and broadhead from the dead caucus.  Since this broadhead is easy-to-use, we highly recommend this piece of equipment for newer hunters, as there is no assembly required.

The blade offers a .025 thickness, and as mentioned, the brand Muzzy is made in the US. If you are looking for a broadhead that is small and light but penetrates, just enough, then consider this one.


What we like:

  • Easy-to-use (screw on)
  • Small and takes maximum flight
  • The tip is chiseled to perfection for ultimate hog penetration

Our Concerns:

  • The bone-crushing component this adds does not work that well for hogs, although it does take your target down—100%


Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

This version is faster than most and is built as a hybrid, this model is an innovative and technologically advanced version of a broadhead. Enabling a hard hit as soon as you stick your hog from a faraway aim.  This tool will allow you to hit the hog on contact with its long 1-5/8” blades that centre-pivot and activate upon piercing your target.

The vital feature the Muzzy Trocar has, is the fact, that it literally is bone crushing. It is chiselled with a strategic and harmful intent. Made in the US, with a one-inch fixed blade build.

The cut this broadhead offers is 2-5/8” inches. One word that comes to mind when mentioning this product is—tough. The stainless steel blades are 0.035-inches and incredibly sharp; you’d think a surgeon created them.  If you are looking for a stable, reliable, and accurate broadhead, then this is another good choice on the list.

Needless to say, the price is very affordable.

Not only is this broadhead ideal for hogs, but this broadhead also works well when hunting elk, deer, turkey, you name it, this blade kills precisely. If you want this model to work in your favor, we highly advise that you get closer to your target, as the flight of the Muzzy Trocar could use some minor improvements.

Enjoy the aesthetic steel quality build this piece of equipment has to offer. This broadhead looks as though it derived from the Middle Ages; offers a hefty craftsmanship.


What we like:

  • Fast flying
  • Cut-on-contact (durable and hefty build)
  • Strategically chiselled blade
  • 1-5/8” inch long centre-pivot blade(s)


Our Concerns:

  • The flight could be improved
  • Weighs more than other broadheads on the list (weighs the flight down


Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead, 2 blade 2-Inch Cutting Diameter, 100 or 125 Grain (3 Pack)

If you are the type of person to rage when it comes to hunting than this broadhead is meant for you.  This orange steel built design provides complete devastation. The design alone speaks volumes.

This extra bow and arrow component has one clear purpose—to dig in. The orange colour states how fierce this tool really is. This brand is known for its precise accuracy. The Rage brand offers F.A.T technology, which stands for ferrule alignment, provides an aerodynamic flight, along with .035-inch blades (stainless-steel).

A broadhead that offers a specialized shock collar technology build, and assures the blade retains inside of your prey’s body.  The Rage brand is leading a mechanical revolution in the broadhead niche.

If you are looking for a broadhead that flies at field-point than this one will not disappoint you.  These products are reusable, which makes them valuable, and makes you feel as if your money is well spent because it is.  With this extra piece of equipment, you should be aware that you will leave behind a large bloody trail, opposed to if you were shooting a hog with ammo.

Who says using a bow and arrow isn’t fun? This mechanical broadhead doesn’t seem to fail hunters all around. From large to small, attack hog’s with this tool no matter what trail you are on.


What we like:

  • Unique orange color
  • Strong steel build
  • 100 or 125-grain
  • Free practice head included (helps you practice, this way, you will soon be a pro archer/hunter)

Our Concerns:

  • The specialized shock collar could be built with better retention


Rage Hypodermic

This one-piece steel set comes in multi-colours and enables you to screw on with complete ease.  Rage aerodynamic broadhead is tough, similar to all of the other Rage products on the market.

The kinetic energy this offers allows for a tear apart type of feel as long as you sling back strong enough.  When you are out in the fields and battling hogs, you need to pierce it, before the hog’s tusks pierce you.

The moment a hog sees the Rage Hypodermic, fear will set in.  Slice your prey easily with this destructive piece of equipment.  The durable steel ferrule that is designed for the Rage, will help keep the tip of this broadhead from wearing or splitting while you are on your hunting excursions.

If you are looking for a deadly hog shot, the Rage brand is known to deliver a deadly and painless shot. It is no wonder, Rage products succeed, the owners are known to be avid outdoorsy types. They know what works and what doesn’t, from trial and error since 2013.  The owner, Jim Shockey has been featured on Fox News, for his hunting journeys.

Although, some hunters are used to deeper penetration. Overall, this broadhead deserves attention for its aerodynamic capabilities.

What we like:

  • The blade is sharp to the touch
  • Easy installation (screw on)
  • 100-grain
  • Use with standard inserts

Our Concerns:

  • Penetration could be deeper


Grim Reaper X-Bow Mech Broadhead RT 1 1/2” Cut 3 Old 100gr

The name says it all, you will surely bring death upon your opponent as soon as you hit the wild and unpredictable fields that await you. When you own this type of broadhead, you are the reason your prey lives or dies. This model was made with a razor tip, a 3-inch blade, 100-grain, was tested at 400 FPS, and has a 1.5”-inch cutting diameter; use this with your favourite bow and shoot, cut, and capture—quickly.

All of the blades penetrate and open accordingly, the flight is beyond far with this broadhead.    What sets this apart from the others on the list, is the fact, that this piece has a 3-inch blade, the girth is bigger than most other broadheads on this list.  If you are looking for a component that adds faster energy to your hunts, this should be your top choice.

The Grim Reaper will allow you to shoot many hogs on the same day and will end in, keeping the hog population down.  Of course, know the rules in the area you will be hunting in. If you are hunting in wrong areas, you could get fined big time or you could be given jail time.

Know your hunting laws and locations and use this broadhead if you want to hunt for many, many hogs.

You can easily reuse the blades that come with this version, although you may want to sharpen the 3-inch blade at some point.  This broadhead not only draws blood and death, it is foreboding to each hog.

What we like:

  • 3-inch blade (meant for ultimate destruction)
  • Takes far flight (tested at 40 FPS)
  • 100-grain


Our Concerns:

  • 5-inch cutting diameter (some hunters like the cutting diameter to be bigger), this model could use a lager cutting diameter; being that its blade is 3-inches.


Excalibur Boltcutter 150gr SS 3 Blade (Per 6)

Steel is more than reliable. This brand makes sure to use high-strength steel in this design. The only model that uses the highest strength material possible.  The size is 1-1/16”-inches.  Many professional hunters are known to use the Excalibur and have claimed that it is accurate when hitting soon-to-be bloody targets.

This model flies entirely far, well past 50-yards, it takes flight similar to field-points. The cut is small, it is just right. The veins and arteries will be punctured as soon as the Excalibur Boltcutter touches the hogs neck, head, throat, or torso, wherever you decide to strike.

This is by far, the best and strongest penetration that we could possibly ask for. This result is because the material chosen is made to break skin deep. Whatever you do, if you try to resharpen the blades (after you’ve shot with this piece of equipment), make sure that you are careful, as you don’t want to accidentally break your own skin and draw your precious blood on accident.


What we like:

  • Boltcutter broadhead 150-grain
  • Designed with high-strength steel (strong and accurate)
  • 1-1/16”-inch broadhead (produces utter damage)

Our Concerns:

  • You will have to assemble this broadhead yourself (if you are not good with your hands, this could be a downer)


Slick Trick Magnum 100GR Broadbean (Pack of 4) 1-1/8”, Black

We like that this product comes with a pack of four.  You can rely on this broadhead to gain straight accuracy.  If you are looking for a brand that intermediate hunters use then this should be your go-to brand and model. The Slick Trick Magnum is able to offer a total cutting diameter of 2-1/4”-inches, provides .035 SS Lutz blades, a super steel ferrule, and a headlock system (Alcatraz).

This broadhead design is entirely short but can give you the confidence you need when it is either you or the hog.  You must be speedy when it comes to shooting hogs; this broadhead quickly takes flight. A reliable product that offers a unique four-blade system, has a very low profile and is solely designed with bloodshed in mind.

If you are too squeamish, we advise that you stick to shooting ammo, as this piece of equipment always ends in a lot of blood being leaked and splattered around. Once you kill one hog, its inevitable, you will probably want to hit a second, and then a third, and so on.  The Slick Trick Magnum will allow you to simply wipe the blood off and reuse the blade multiple times before you have to resharpen your broadhead.

If you consider yourself a slick type of hunter, perhaps you’ll want to look at this broadhead, not for the name alone, but for the larger cutting diameter it offers.  Either way, it works, but the penetration could definitely use improvement.


What we like:

  • 2-1/4”-inch cutting diameter
  • .035 SS Lutz blades
  • Super steel ferrule
  • Headlock system (Alcatraz)

Our Concerns:

  • This model can use a ‘bone penetrating’ update (needs to penetrate deeper)


Where To Shoot A Hog With A Bow?


A little background, hogs are similar to deer and can be found in the early morning or late at night.  Hogs usually like to spend their time in wooded mountainous areas and large open fields. Similar to deer, hogs also prefer to stay near muddy and watery areas.  Hogs are known to roll around in mud, this helps their bodies stay cool and it helps protect them from bugs—somewhat.  You can find hogs in the evening and early morning, same as deer.

Hogs are unclean creatures, as mentioned above, they smell. We don’t advise eating the hog after you hunt it, but you can. Hog population control needs to be done, this is where you, the hunter, kick in.


The question is, where do you shoot a hog for an ultimate and humane killing?  Hogs are large creatures and striking them in the wrong place could end up losing you your targeted prey.  Hunting hogs is a whole new ballgame, compared to hunting deer and other big game.

You will need brand new tactics in order to succeed. Make sure to analyze how heavy the wind is blowing, hogs cannot see very well, but their sense of smell is actually excellent.  In order to have tact, you need to know that hogs have large organs via their digestive tract, while their lungs aren’t so big.

You can penetrate and kill a hog under 125 pounds, as long as you pierce it in its center chest, this will hit the lungs and cause breathing failure, quickly killing the hog.

A larger hog will not die from this method, simply because its body is equipped with better protective measures.  You will need to strike it right between its front legs in its front chest cavity.

Other humane ways you can strike and kill a hog with a bow and arrow include:

  • Behind their front shoulder
  • Shoulders
  • Behind the ear

Now that we know what areas to shoot hogs in for a clean kill, let’s justify the reasons why hunters should hunt for hogs.


Why Hunt Hogs?

  • Hog’s damage property, by hunting them, you can limit the cost it takes to fix structures and items that hogs often ruin; either it’s your house or cabin. Keeping the hog population down controls this epidemic.
  • Hogs can be hunted year-round, they don’t just come out during certain seasons.
  • All hunters know that when you are hog hunting, it is simply entertaining.
  • Wild pigs have been known to overpopulate, hog hunters help this issue.
  • If you enjoy eating pork, then you can cut yourself a special cut; think sausages and slow-cooked BBQ’s.


You don’t want the hog to suffer greatly or else you will be acting inhumane, if you have to kill hogs, which you do, since you are a hunter, then it is wise that you shoot the hog in a vital organ, as this will puncture and hopefully kill the newly found prey on contact.



The winning broadhead is the Excalibur Boltcutter 150gr SS 3 Blade (Per 6), for its sharp nature, durability, and far-fetched flight it concisely and consistently takes.  You can stand back or close-up and you will accurately hit your prey in a matter of seconds. This is our top choice considering this piece offers ultimate bone crushing destruction.

As a hog hunter, you want to cause the least amount of pain as possible, this broadhead makes sure to strongly pierce all hogs and their rough physical makeup.

Not only is the blade cut like a diamond, the unique steel architecture enables this to be our top pick because it destroys arteries on contact, without any hesitation.  There haven’t been any cases where the hog has gotten back up after you’ve struck em’ with this broadhead.  Choose your tools wisely and remember to intently brush up on all of the features you need your broadhead to have before you invest.


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